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Monday, June 08, 2015

Champion vs. Champion (John Cena vs. Kevin Owens)

6/7/2015 11:30:29 AM

There’s nothing I can say here but… wow.

If you noticed since the time I followed professional wrestling, there is one pay-per-view I haven’t done a full review: and that is Elimination Chamber.

Last year, when the EC was held February 2014, I ended up mincing several thoughts on how the Shield and the Wyatt Family brought the house down and making themselves as part of one of the top matches of 2014.

And even after 16 months, I’m afraid I couldn’t do it again since: first, it wasn’t aired on Fox Philippines; second, we have yet to pay my bills; and third, I’m already toxic as shit on my other commitments such as day job and the podcast experiment (I wasn’t even able to update my blog regularly).

So there’s nothing left much for me but to be curious on what the Intenet wrestling community (IWC) have been raving with—and I’m talking about the champion versus champion match; the so-called clash of generations—one is a WWE iconic star and another (though already in the business for 15 years), is a newcomer to the largest promotion in the sports entertainment world. 

Yes, it’s John Cena versus Kevin Owens. The current-holder of the United States Championship takes on an upriser-slash-NXT Champion.

It was a good 20-minute (19 minutes and 55 seconds to be exact) match where both fighters stepped up, doing some fancy wrestling stunts and counters over each other.

Perhaps I can never even mention the botches here. Forget the failed moonsault attempt for that matter. It was still an aerial aesthetic, and perhaps it can even be compared to the gigantic version of Seth Rollins’ Phoenix Splash.

John Cena has done a great job of raising every new WWE stars recently, just like how he build up Bray Wyatt and Rusev (yes, both before they were hitting the downward spiral direction of their path so far), and recently Adrian Neville and the resurging Zack Ryder.

Now, on Kevin Owens—aside from the fact that his son wishes him to have a match with the Centaion leader (as retold on his guesting at Talk is Jericho)—man, this guy is definitely on a roll. How on eath did the hellish NXT titlist had done it? Considering he faced numerous rivals on the scene already like his best friend Sami Zayn, Alex Riley, and even Samoa Joe.

Listen: their rematch should better top this one out. That’s all I can say, or else their rivalry will just be nothing but like a bubblegum music called ‘one hit-wonder.’

But anyway, this deserves an accolade for being the top match of 2015. 

And with that being said, I still can’t believe Elmination Chamber PPVs was still awesome for one thing: providing a potential all-year-long favorite!

The verdict: 9.4

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