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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The Scene Around: PWR Wrevolution X

6/7/2015 1:05:59 PM

Say, the ticket really looked much better this time.
It was hot, wild, freaking awesome as it gets as May 23, 2015 became one of the most notable events in recent culture—specifically in the sports entertainment history as the Philippine Wrestling Revolution graced their first year of existence with their event titled Wrevolution X.

WrevoX was PWR’s fifth event (and fourth in the venue Makati Cinema Square), where close to half-a-thousand people witnessed the emergence of the sport as a whole; and several stories such as Classical Bryan Leo’s emergence, the unveiling and coronation of the PWR championship, and a whole lot more.

Before we go into some of my takes on that matter, here's the rundown:

Classical Bryan Leo def. Mayhem Brannigan in ‘sudden death’ of a 30-minute iron man tag team match. With the result, Mr. Sy granted CBL’s demand for a title shot. (Verdict: 7.1/10)

(P.S. Sorry for the blurred shot though)
John Sebastian def. Ralph Imabayashi. (Verdict: 6.8/10)

The Apocalypse def. Main Maxx in a ‘Last Man Standing’ match. (Verdict: (8.3/10)

Chris Panzer def. Ken Warren via submission. (Verdict: 8.8/10)

Beer Promdi (Kanto Terror and Mark D. Manalo) def. Dual Shock (Sandata and Peter Versoza) and Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales). Also, DS eliminated f4H. (Rating: 8.3)

Jake De Leon def. Bombay Suarez in the first-ever PWR Championship Match (Rating: 8.0/10)

Plus: Classical Byran Leo def. JDL in another PWR Championship match. (Rating: 7.3/10)

For almost four hours, on front of a jampacked venue, PWR had one clear statement: Philippine Pro Wrestling is here! (Sorry for that champ Cena reference though.) With few notable personalities like Batas, Stanley Chi, Tracy Abad, and a whole lot more serving as a witness to the uprising, PWR made an even bolder step to mainstream recognition with more outlets covering the event aside from When In Manila and Rappler.

And perhaps with a ‘full house’ setting, there is one problem: ventilation. I know, ti’s summer. But heck, we’re in an indoor venue—a mall, remember? Perhaps the air conditioning units could not carry the high-intensity of heat inside MCS then. 

Somehow, the heat was translated into an awesome show. Literally, that’s what I can call “a warm reception from the audience.”

Some matches were not that good in writing, and some acts were not executed or appeared lame. And somehow, that’s still acceptable since you can never expect a perfect show – even in pro wrestling. And forget the argument that PWR is actually a start-up. They still have to make some blends soon and there’s nothing wrong right there. That’s perhaps part of how the revolution is developing.

We got a high point here and that is the selling of liquor. Some people may be drunken shits but at least in my observation, nothing really went as wilder than fuck there. And that is how you had a good time right there.

The buster though, is that only limited number of beers was sold. And we did not even reach halftime yet. So too bad, I wasn’t able to get a bottle or two (and in case you insist, get the hell out of the sports activity area, find somewhere else, and hope you did not miss a beautiful spot when you get back).

It was so funny though the ring announcer launched an El Torrito prize during halftime raffle and yet it didn’t reach anyone up in the second floor; earning “You fucked up” chants in the process. 

Well, he reiterated though that it touched the fingertips of the audience there. But I’ll say give the guy a break. 

Perhaps the entertainment value was very evident in Wrevolution X. The usual entrance of Beer Promdi was so fucking surreal that one can’t help but to love them. I wish MDM gave me one of the UNO copies though. LOL! 

Also, Main Maxx was supposed to be a hell yet he was loved by many. Kinda reminds me of a failed-slash-supposedly heel turn by Sheamus last year. But on the flipside, a lot of weapons were used, and the chants like “Bagong Tray” and “Fifty Shades” never get old. If there are new foreign objects who joined the club, it was the utilization (finally!) of tires, and a plastic container which is popularly known as the brand Orocan.

It’s nice to know that some wrestlers had their face-paint gimmick only to get them smudged later on. But hey, that’s part of it. Unless somebody wants the piece of material like on Stardust and Sting.

If I can only summarize this one event in kayfabe: it’s about the emergence of Classical Bryan Leo. It’s like combined Money in the Bank, Fast Lane and WrestleMania 31 at hand, where the King of the Royal Flush had a ‘cash-in’ opportunity, and it all happened in an instant. Perhaps, looking back on his statements at the press conference three weeks before the actuality, he just told what is meant to be told.

And to be franks, I admire his work here. He may be a heel alright, but that was perfectly portrayed at will. Good job in making me hate you (as a viewer).

That Ken Warren vs. Chris Panzer match was so fucking great in technicality. Yes, so awesome it deserved an honor to be called Match of the Year here in PWR.

And if you ask me on the entertainment, there’s definitely a unanimous choice here: 3-way elimination tag team match. 

Other notable fights here were the first PWR title match between the Senyorito and the Bitch Killer, and the Last Man Standing Match.

The Verdict: 8/10

Clearly, the revolution is up. But maybe, sooner or later, PWR will be leveling up. Like as what Mr. Raf Camus once said, the only way (for the PWR) is UP. 

And as a fan, I am definitely seeing things going that way.

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Post-script: Shoutouts to Earl (The Fanboy SEO) of WhatsaGeek, as well as to Ryan Songalia of and the hosts of Smark Gilas Pilipinas podcast.

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