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Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Rundown Slam: WWE Battleground 2015

7/26/2015 4:37:01 PM

WWE Battlegound Poster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Well, things are about to take a swerve as SummerSlam approaches. But before we head to a season switch, we got a warfare called Battleground, where some of the feuds had some sort of very long-but-almost forgettable beginnings.

I wonder: why some of the photos looked like from a WWE 2K game like this one?
(Screengrab from YouTube)

Sheamus and Randy Orton’s rivalry had been rekindled weeks after the Money in the Bank pay-per-view event. However, the Apex Predator had an obvious huge pop from the crowd as Battleground was staged in ST. Louis, Missouri—or let’s just say RKO’s hometown. So it was very evident the “R-KO!” chants were so loud that the Celtic Warrior failed to steal the show after a Brouge Kick. Too bad, fella. We were supposedly ‘entertained’ by you—yes, in such a stupid manner.

But nonetheless, not bad to kickstart a pay-per-view event; perhaps, blame it on a “homecourt advantage.”

Verdict: 7.9

That Big E splash says "Wake the fuck up, Darren!" (

The battle for tag team champions went upwards in terms of booking schedules. Say, that sounds better since we usually see them on the first 20 minutes of every PPV program. And for instance, we might say that it was a drastic switch from MITB since #TagTeamTitles was last held before the PPV’s main event.

But give The New Day and Primetime Players a break. The power of positivity helped Darren Young and Titus O’Neil became successful in their first PPV title defense, though Xavier Woods was totally excellent in doing his role: being a whiner; be it with microphone or nothing at all.

Perhaps that makes up for having sets of lackluster performances in the recent RAW and SmackDown episodes.

Verdict: 6.9

It may not appear like one in still, but this clothesline's helluva wicked! (

“Mind games” was the pivotal factor on why Bray Wyatt lorded over his PPV opponents since his debut with WWE. And turns out, he’s unveiling it anew with the upcoming poster boy Roman Reigns. Sure, his family member Luke Harper did a tricky assist coming into the victory. But this might trigger something like a “family reunion.” Yes, that can be imminent considering their break-up lacked storytelling (and ‘setting free’ did not help both Harper and Erick Rowan developed into the way they should be as a singles competitor).

The physicality between Wyatt and Reigns was solid as fuck, that it showed the latter’s development paid off even more since WrestleMania 31. 

Here’s the problem though: either the camera angle had shown the obvious, or the hood’s not enough to shadow Luke’s face—and even his beard.

But nonetheless, I can sense their feud continues ‘til late this year. The question: how will Sting join the equation come SummerSlam? The former WCW franchise star was supposed to collaborate with Roman Reigns as the former will build a rivalry with the Wyatt family patriarch?

Verdict: 7.4

Banks almost had it, like a first paycheck deposited under her statement of account (

I have to love what Stephanie McMahon had done to the women’s division. At least, the divas are finally getting their chances to shine. Look, three NXT divas just had their first PPV call-ups at Battleground and frankly enough, they delivered; especially Sasha Banks and Charlotte. Banks, the current NXT women’s champion showed ruthless athleticism and an even badass attitude which is fitting enough to align with the supposedly heels Tamina Snuka and Naomi.

But Charlotte clearly showed why she was genetically superior as what those NXT analysts used to say every single time she hits the squared circle. Sure, she’s not as bossy as Banks, but heck… the flair does the job for her.

But you can’t take away the credit to Brie Bella (though it still sucks). Those “YES!” kicks gave a resemblance of her husband Daniel Bryan wasn’t enough to win the crowd and instead earn jeers. Sucks, right?

For sure, the revolution will continue until Team Bellas found a way to stop its rampage. However, I love the fact that they will go three-on-three-on-three this coming SummerSlam.

Verdict: 8.1

"U Can't C Me" your face, John! That's what happens if you're slowy-fancy! (
John Cena emerges anew in his PPV show against Kevin Owens for the United States Championship. Mr. HLR strut some of his recently-adapted moves only to be neutralized by Kevin Owens.

Here’s the problem I had: while Cena’s been checked, I hate the fact that Kevin did not showed something more ‘new.’ It was supposedly a ‘spot fest’ and a better version than their previous showings at Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank. 

Or maybe I have just seen enough—and this Cena-Owens 3 had already hit a proverbial wall to the eyes of WWE Universe. While we all want to see how Cena sucks (and Owens continues to unleash his badass fighting ways), it wasn’t just enough to overshadow what they had in the past. It’s like after series of doing the Cena-mockeries; all you can utter is the question “Now what Kevin Owens?”

I wonder: why is the torch is not still passed to Owens? It’s kinda surprising though Cena has already got the man who will headline the mid-card of the current main roster. Are the speculations true in regards to another case of ‘politics?’ Too bad, Mr. Steen. Too fucking bad.

I hope his submission loss may be a conclusion to his rivalry with Cena; but moreover, we hope his ‘push’ will not stop there. And please, don’t go back to NXT; if you know what I mean.

Verdict: 7.2

Entering Suplex City. Suplex counter reads: [number error] (screengrab from YouTube)
Brock Lesnar had a squash a la SummerSlam during the main event. And despite a series of superkicks and suicide dives by Seth Rollins, Lesnar still owned the game. The champ’s tactics weren’t able to neutralize the Beast Incarnate; clearly showing of the fact that he can’t single-handedly slay the beast. 

Thirteen suplexes was enough to thwart the Authority’s Golden Boy. But a sudden twist to the plot was showed; talk about depriving championship opportunities.

One referee count, a sound of gong, a total blackout, and everyone but Lesnar and the Undertaker was nowhere in sight. Everyone was stunned that Paul Heyman did not even dare to interfere. Everyone was in shock that the announcers did not utter a word when Taker started striking on Lesnar. The words ‘chokeslam’ and ‘tombstone piledriver’ was everything in sight, but nowhere in sound.

Why you look so scared now, Brock? Well, 'cause you should be! (Examiner)

If what Taker said on RAW is true (which is avenging the abrupted streak), then I have findings that this feud may be too petty to deal with.

But I guess, I am seeing another swerve coming up this coming SummerSlam.

Verdict: 7.8

Not a bad pay-per-view event, considering King Barrett won a pre-show bout—and moreover, elevating himself from the stairs of mediocrity; and a KO punch by The Big Show to shut The Miz’s mouth. That is the perfect way to say “goodnight!”

So many twists, with a lot of them came in sorts of unpredictability, which is good. So that smarks and IWC will be thinking more on how the current product was told beyond our capabilities.

Show's punch says "Quit whining, you prick!" Say, can anyone give Miz a diva-sized pillow, please?
(screengrab from YouTube)

The Overall Verdict: 7.3

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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