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Friday, August 21, 2015

Beast vs. Phenom

8/21/2015 2:02:48 PM

I am fucking sold. 

Yes, I said this statement a lot of times again and I am saying it more. I am fucking sold on this one. 

You see: I saw the recent shreds of the Brock Lesnar-Undertaker feud since the pre-WrestleMania XXX days, and the one which is considered 15 months in the making. And perhaps I have given my takes on that matter for a few more instances, and which I admit made me feel it wasn’t even enough. 

I loved the way the WWE has built this story, though I have to agree with Stan Sy have written in his SmarkHenry article. 15 months apart and all the root of the fight is ‘the streak.’ Sounds illogical, right? It’s like everyone has already moved on, but the Deadman had not get even. You can understand if it’s because he wanted revenge on Brock’s decimation to his half-brother Kane (though it’s highly out-of-bounds considering the latter part of the Authority a few years ago).

Perhaps that’s the biggest word said enough: NOT BEING ABLE TO GET EVEN. 

And maybe, his statement already had said enough: “You can’t kill what won’t die.” For so many times, and for such a long time, the Undertaker may have been badly defeated and erased from the maps and plotlines, but for some very strange reasons, Mean Mark’s always had a resurrection. Yes, in his almost three decades of being into the sport—and 25 years since entering Vince McMahon’s firm.

While the two only set their formal toe-to-toe promos only two of the past five RAW episodes coming into SummerSlam, I do believe though about this: the feud should headline SummerSlam. Not just a co-main event or be placed second to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match (which by the way, will be a winner-take-all with the United States title also on the line), but to be the MAIN FUCKING EVENT itself. 

This time around, who cares about titles? In fact, even in the world where the results of any professional wrestling match is pre-determined or ‘scripted, desecrating the Undertaker’s previously mythological WrestleMania streak was an even more-prestige prize than the combined WWE and World Heavyweight titles.

While on my previous Brock-Taker articles, we talked about the ‘what’s ups,’ it’s about time I gave my pre-takes for this feud.

Storyline-wise, maybe Taker will really get even. And if that’s the case, how about them headlining the PPV called “Hell in a Cell” soon? Or maybe a steel cage or even a ‘hell in a cell’-like match at Survivor Series?

But let’s face the fact here, pals: we wish Undertaker still really had it at the age of 50. Perhaps he looks wearier during his recent WrestleMania years, though I know for a fact that these two both know it was Vince’s decision. But okay, setting that aspect aside; Undertaker looks more badass than it used to be. Maybe because the asskicker Lesnar, despite the fact that he’s getting the push of heroic characters like John Cena, has to be realigned as well. The problem: the low-blow obviously signaled who is the total bad guy compared to the opposite.

Say, could this one be a potential match of the year? That remains uncertain though I personally doubt they can deliver that much, though the hype can never be denies we will be up for a prized war.

It’s tough to decide. 

Anyway, here are two things I will leave to you. Two interesting videos from the WWE’s channel at YouTube: one is a promo aired on RAW, while the other is a 22-minute feature aired on the WWE Network.

In addition, a question: in your opinion—does the Undertaker still have what it takes to defeat Brock Lesnar? Or will the Beast Incarnate bury the Deadman alive to Suplex City?

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