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Monday, August 17, 2015

Playback: MilesExperience – Love Supreme

08/17/2015 11:56:14 AM

For such a-bit-long while I became a fan of a band called MilesExperience. Perhaps, just a few weeks since I immersed myself into the local independent music scene.

And can anyone persuade me to do otherwise? Nah, don't even dare.

These dudes (four of them are from UST) can do even greater and even bolder than their other colleagues in the scene. Heck, even more than their looks and sex appeal. You talk about how Miles Bondoc's jazzy vocals compliment Guido Hizon's pianist skills (which seems "time-transitioning" at will considering him a classical stud and aficionado). As well as how Justin Teaño rolls his swagger on the floor; and how two guys were more than just being 'pogi' with instruments: Ian Diaz on the bass was like a foundation providing an additional support to the 'sound' which the band sells into, while that Ryan Agoncillo-dead ringer Timothy Odulio showcased his versatility on drums (he also plays for other bands like The Modern Playground).

And even a year since they are rocking this song on their gigs and online, they had finally done it. A music video for their single Love Supreme. Something appeared in some rush-like pace (as far as I remember they had a 34-day span between the casting and the launch itself), but worth the wait, I guess; even if they uploaded this eight-minute long clip last night at their official YouTube channel.

(Warning: Mature content. Viewer discretion is advised.)

Indeed it is. I'll tell you what: the first time they had this music video launch, Route 196, considering it's one of the premier and more spacious live music venues in the northern side of the Metro, was so all fucking jam-packed. Yes, just imagine close to two hundred people piling up all the spaces as if you're at a Standing Room Only sections of a certain venue.

And the similar case scenario even occurred at Mow's Bar, despite a relatively smaller (but hey, greatly improved) space. The timing was even close-to-perfect on a Friday night (or should I say, Saturday morning) where gigs usually finishes at around 2 or 3 AM. Better way to kick-start a weekend.

Is there anything this band is lacking? Perhaps, an album will do. They can rack up mini-concerts with that large base of followers. MilesExperience is one of the new cults of sexy-time music (yes, sans the saxophone).

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