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Monday, September 14, 2015

The Scene Around: Light Settling

09/14/2015 02:46:34 PM

Talk about a triple treat on a Thursday evening, eh?

August 13 was the date, and the setting was at the premier music place located at Katipunan Avenue, as Docdef Productions and the UP Underground Music Society delivered three music videos which are part of a ballet-themed film.

Dubbed as “Light Settling” (also known as “Where the Light Settles”), the presentation featured three musicals from Maya's Anklet, The Sun Manager, and Autotelic, with Denise Parungao and Timothy Cabrera taking on the lead acting roles through the direction of AJ Orlina. To know more of what the project is all about, check out Ren Aguila's article on Vandals on the Wall.

In addition to the evening festivity, Farewell Fair Weather, Jensen and the Flips, and Stomachine performed in between the sets of the featured bands. I must say, FFW in the starter was not a bad move at all; while Autotelic's set was a rare moshpit session where everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was dancing away at around 1:30-2-ish in the morning.

And that should set the trend for this dance pop band who can't help but to witness their attendance in head-bumping, jumping up, and even doing rock-like chants while performing at stage.

Farewell Fair Weather
Maya's Anklet
Jensen and the Flips
The Sun Manager
Kung Alam Ko Lang is part of the upcoming EP of Maya's Anklet. The music video can be seen at Alert The Native's Vimeo channel.

In Darkness is The Sun Manager's first ever music video, and its from her first EP released on late 2014.

Unstable is part of Autotelic's latest album released 2014. The music video can be seen on YouTube channel of Alert the Native.

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