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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Survival for the Championship

11/19/2015 7:00:12 PM

Seth Rollins was perhaps on his path to overthrow CM Punk’s championship tenure until an injury prevented the WWE to do so. He blew his knees as he tried to do a powerbomb during a house show in Dublin, Ireland and will be missing in action for 6-9 months.

Sad, right? But that’s life. That’s the harshest aspect in the world of sports. You might not lose a game to your opponent. But if bad luck strikes, injuries can make you feel a sore loser. And even if you unstrap the kayfabe logic here, no one wants to suffer an injury that way. Why? Because that’s not even part of the plan.

With that being said, it’s quite unfortunate for Roman Reigns to also lose his contention slot for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Yes, just like that. He had to undergo a 16-man tournament, but heck, he chose to take the path anyway—right after shoving Triple H’s offer to be a “sellout.”

As much as I wanna dig down to every contender, I’m afraid I will not do so because the WWE title tournament already reached semi-finals. And that—along with the finals—will take place at Survivor Series. Besides, I couldn’t agree more on what Stan Sy had written on his RAW Report on Smark Henry.

So if we want to still divulge into the match-ups, let’s go first with Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens. Seeing his promo on YouTube, Ambrose has already notched a step closer to the title. The OPLAN Ambrose Asylum is now at works. And with two WWE championship matches against Rollins; it’s not that really hard to see why.

It’s quite clear to me Ambrose will take home the W here (but a KO victory will be an upset). Should the latter take place soon; he might go on Roman Reigns’ side and build a feud with Owens in the process. Distraction, you know.

But if otherwise… well, let me talk about this first.

Roman Reigns vs. Alberto del Rio; now it looks like a big young dog versus the returning veteran. It appears that Del Rio will take Roman to school first before losing. I don’t see him winning this one at all; and in case he does, somebody will just cash-in.

And that—is a more possible scenario either!

Going back, if Ambrose and Reigns win their respective bouts, I’m expecting a double cross here. Or most likely (and we wish!), Dean will turn on Roman but not necessarily will align at the Authority unless Sheamus will not crash the party.

Still, there’s a high possibility that Roman’s time is now. And come on, it’s been seven years. Storlyine-wise, the Samoan badass might have been deprived of the title thrice: first on WrestleMania; second on Seth’s injury; and third… might come soon. Unless Mr. Superman Punch managed to neturalize the jinx.

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