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Sunday, November 08, 2015

The Rundown Slam: WWE Hell in a Cell 2015

11/7/2015 4:38:35 PM

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WWE's Hell In A Cell may not be scheduled in the exact Halloween evening, but certainly was a perfect treat for such.

What’s the reason to say not to? You got two cage fights, and a fitting character in The Undertaker? Plus, kinda ironic in the set-up... the city of Los Angeles (that's a good introduction, Michael Cole!).

Without any further ado, let’s get down to business.

Alberto del Rio’s return to WWE was definitely a shocker. Considering his off-stage scuffle against their former social media handler, the racism issues, and perhaps another ‘unhappy news’ on his participation with Lucha Underground (plus the fact that AAA had him as the Mega Champion prior to this WWE run), del Rio—known as Alberto El Patron oustisde the sports entertainment firm—became the man to put John Cena’s United States championship to and end (finally!).

Relax, no hate on Cena for the previous statement. But man, John got the ‘time off’ he requested recently. Perhaps without him on WWE TV, the US title needs a new title-holder. I wonder though: How does Mex-americans will fit into the picture soon?

Verdict: 8.1

But then, I wonder: isn’t it too early for the first Hell in a Cell match for the evening? Look: bray Wyatt aand roman Reigns had been telling a very great story despite some questionable angles in their feud (like where on earth did Roman’s daughter end up; and why is Chris Jericho inserted in their 3-on-3 feud?).

But they should earn the distincion for being the best rivalry of the year since both Wyatt and Reigns showcased total brawl actions during their culminating match. And I think Roman deserved the win (and why not?) since he was kinda lost from the inorganic push to WrestleMania. Besides, if WWE needs him to be their next top guy, he has to be exhibited in a very natural form.

However, it will be best if the presence of Bray’s family members were around the cell; as well as that of Dean Ambrose for Roman’s corner.

Verdict: 8.8

After few matches, The New Day finally had shown their toughness sans Xavier Woods. That’s the way it should be. They’re the tag team champions.

Though I doubt their feud will end soon. As long as there’s Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) event coming up!

Verdict: 6.4

I guess the Diva’s championship came too early, and Nikki Bella’s action were convincing enough to be the titlist once again. The problem is that Charlotte’s actions were not really convincing enough to compliment the chemistry with her opponent.

I hope sooner when these two clash once again (which I hope is merely impossible), Charloot would exhibit more of herself; showing off the entire reason why she is the Diva’s Chanpion right now.

Though it’s quite obvious that Paige and Becky Lynch will be feuding on each other soon. It shows during their celebration following Charlotte’s win against Nikki Bella.

Verdict: 4.5

Seth Rollins defeated Kane for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I really had a strange feeling about this match. Yes, so strange that for over their airing on FOX, I ended up getting a short nap.
And th same way goes to Intercontinental Championship match. Ugh. Tough grind to create a review when you either missed two matches or at a glimpse on it.

But with the results of the champions retaining their title? I guess, Seth Rollins’ past opponents (which were veterans) only gave him experiences needed as a performer in the scene. Somewhat I still find it lacking despite the circumstances.

But perhaps Corporate Kane’s relief from duty as director of operations will serve him well for a “demon” turn.

As for the Kevin Owens-Ryback IC battle, the timing was kinda short. Though... hmmm, okay. Next, please?

There it is: the main event of the evening! Brock Lesnar versus The Undertaker. Despite the lack of hyoe, the match delivered. And the result, though some were saying it’s cheating, is actually a goddamn thing called PAYBACK. Yeah, low blow’s a bitch but so was “payback.”

They gave everything possible. Bloody, brutal, and even gore. Damn great way to end their rivalry in three stages of hell (literally). That is definitely another match of the night aside from Reigns VS. Wyatt.

Verdict: 8.6

Now The New Face of Fear and his buzzards showed up for Taker, I wonder: Survivor Series is just around the corner, would it be fitting if the Undertaker will have a team to face The Wyatts?

Yes, please?

The Overall Verdict: 7.3
They say it was a night of final chapters? I guess so. Some feuds are expected to culminate right there, while some were born from the down fiery under.

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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