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Friday, November 27, 2015

The Scene Around: Blogapalooza 2015

11/19/2015 6:06:26 PM

Things have changed. When in Manila moved the venue though the date has remained at least intact compared to their last edition. 

But this time, they decided to have a multi-themed peg, and it’s then called Blogapalooza Seasons. Meaning, they have divided the venue and stalls into four different seasons. 

They also made a step on the awareness level for the blogosphere by having the theme (and hashtag) “Responsible Media” on the side.

Okay, a few takeaways for this one. Since they switched locations and moved near MOA; plus the fact that they set it on a Sunday and the size of the venue may a bit lesser spacious than the previous, it’s quite a risky step. But I guess that risk still paid off as everyone who signed up for the event still made its way and was still enjoying all the happenings then.

And who am I not to, especially when I bumped again with Urbandub and Ebe Dancel? Haha. Like seriously, JB Music booth made my day right there; as well as for the Sosro Fruit Tea for the awesome illustration. At least, I found a cool alternative for drinks.

Also, the cast were reunited! Hey, I mean the closest ones in my blogger circle of friends. 

Alright, till the next Blogapalooza.

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