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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Scene Around: MAD RUSH

11/30/2015 4:58:25 PM

Friday the 27th may be a helluva-buzzy evening due to payday, heavy traffic and a then-long weekend coming. But somewhere at the Bonifacio Global City, it was a night of adventure for the masculine race as Sky LIFE Men Zone presented MAD RUSH: THE ULTIMATE PARTY TRIP.

The event was held at four events inside BGC. First stop was at the Tipple & Slaw as participants gather around before hitting the first stop—Garage 88. Perfect spot for a dinner as the Burger Challenge was set in the venue where each team consumed a 12-inch burger within the given time limit.

Next stop was Cable Car for the Beer Pong tournament were four teams slugged it out by playing the game itself and emerge as the winners of the challenge.

Then, the guys moved out to Skippy’s Bar and Grill where a challenge was awaiting for everyone: to be the rockstar of the night via the Rockeoke Challenge.

Then the concluding part was held back at Tipple & Slaw where a series of games also await the people whom were at the venue. Yam Concepcion also made her presence at the stage along with hosts Candy Gamos and Lambert Cruz.

At the end, Team 1 emerged victorious as they dominated three of the four challenges; bagging the top and lots of prizes in the process including a bucket of Smirnoff Mules for each member.


Say, on a personal note, yours truly was honored to still make it on the event despite the long grueling traffic. Though did not won anything at all (member of Group 2, by the way), the experience was already considered a prize for me as MAD RUSH was a heck-of-an-awesome event intended for party-goers. Besides, those bottles of beer were enough for me to doze off stress at least. LOL!

And at least I also managed to nail six points in a beer pong contest. (laughs)

Kudos to Sky Cable as well as to its co-presentor LiverMarin as well as to major sponsors, Rogin-E, SMIRNOFF MULE,Diatabs.


MAD RUSH was one of the events made in celebration of Sky Cable’s 25th anniversary. With over 800,000 subscribers since their inception, the country’s leading cable provider also provides a multiscreen online video network called Sky On Demand.

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