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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The Rundown Slam: WWE Survivor Series 2015

11/30/2015 6:20:35 PM

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This year’s Survivor Series, according to many, was so lame. Yeah, like the way I wrote my first statement there.

But kidding aside, why a lot of people were disappointed in the product after watching the pay-per-view event last two Sundays ago? I mean, what went wrong aside from the book booking and feud build-up?

We got a traditional survivor series tag-team elimination match in the kickoff show. I guess some stories were forced to fold as the WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins was put out by an injury; prompting the WWE to hold a tournament in search for a new title-holder (in short, his replacement).

And in the process, a return of the elder Rhosed named Goldust became a hot talk among smarks. So, is the rivalry between him and Star Dust resumes? We hope so.

I get it: some people are complaining about Roman Reigns not being able to sell an injury despite several shoulder attacks from his previous opponents in the WWE title tournament. I guess he was mold in a form of almost a restless juggernaut. But the way he executes himself in pain wasn’t really shown well. Why did I say so? He’s been somewhat inconsistent on exhibiting them.

Still, the first match was the best one of the evening.

Verdict: 8.5

Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens got entangled in a brawl that should have been in the finals of this tourney. Unfortunately, we all get the predictable result. However, I can sense Ambrose-Owens feud will be a big one in the next PPVs to come.

Verdict: 8.2

The traditional survivor series match appeared like it was inserted for the event’s namesake. And here’s another thing: of all the buildup, it looked like everything was made due to the previous bouts on SmackDown where after Kalisto defeated Ryback, the Lucha Dragons became allies with The Big Guy. On the other end, Sheamus and King Barrett were just dancing with The New Day only to have few seconds of mental-shovedown affair afterwards.

For a second, I thought Sheamus will turn face should he clash with the current tag team champions soon. And his loss here made him a strong-underrated character underneath a mediocre-superficial outlook. So don’t fret when he had done something shocking later on.

Verdict: 7.3

Charlotte exhibited her very physical match so far in her WWE career with Paige. However, I think of two botches: either their chemistry didn’t convince me well or it’s just almost 15,000 members of the WWE universe inside Philips arena were boring as fuck.

Verdict: 6.9

Tyler Breeze and Dolph Ziggler battled for a good short while (in sexual terminologies, that’s how you call a “quickie”) but this one’s another buster. I get it; they resumed their rivalry after the WWE world heavyweight championship tournament. But other than that? NAAAAH. Trousers aside, Breeze got a win he badly needed on his PPV debut. His gimmick still suck for me.

Verdict: 3.9

I still think the Brothers of Destruction should’ve hook Goldust and Sting; and instead of having an at least 8-man survivor series match, it ended on a 2-on-2 scuffle. Screw the fuck out of you, WWE creative people. Forget the fact he had a grandeur entrance (much special than the two WrestleMania cameos). I kinda wonder if Erick Rowan sent himself out of arena; is it because he have something to burst out of his stomach, or perhaps an implosion of the cults soon?

But hey, the promo video was awesome as fuck!

Verdict: 7.7

Still, you can’t discount the implosion of the Spanish announce table as the Holy Shit of the moment. Perhaps, that’s how you send a badass giant named Braun Strowman “good night.” And for good 10-minute match long between these four? Well, it’s considerable with Taker already been close to 50s.

Roman Reigns and Deam Ambrose squared off in a final match that seemed very short and predictable. Though it appeared they could really give it all, physically-speaking. At the end of what should have been longer match, Reigns was the winner and champion while Dean still lauds him as his brother.

Verdict: 6.0

However, a spear on Triple H defies his short title reign when a “brogue kick outta nowhere” happened. Too much for a 5:15 reign and another 34 second square-off. 

Verdict: 6.0

The ending seemed not in our favor at all. But this is how a juggernaut like Roman Reigns should do to rebuild himself even more. Forget the fact he has lost a numerous championship opportunities dating back to Battleground last year. He has to be more credible to earn people’s trust (take Daniel Bryan for example).

Overall verdict: 7.3

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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