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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Needing a "Quick Fix"

12/19/2015 12:28:25 PM

The turnaround from TLC to RAW became a very improbable in the recent months. Yes, from a screwjob to a la make up class. It revolved even more than a double-cross. Say, what quite happened?

Before that, hearing people’s reaction of dismay over the past PPV events became a force to reckon when they made their rantings on Twitter. For over the course of time, it’s been cynical like the three-word phrase “same old shit.” And who’s not to get sick of seeing that at all? It’s not just about “the Authority always wins” thing at all, but about the stories they are making with. If not an illogical booking, ill-timed. Those suck either way.

I have heard several podcasts regarding the topics from The Ross Report to It’s Real To Me. From Mat Men even to the locally-produced Smark Gilas Pilipinas.

Daniel Bryan was even right when he said WWE should not rely on its part-timers. Sure, they’re quite special basing on their raring appearances. But somewhere along the way, new guys should also be given a break, too.

And heck, even Mark De Joya will explain to you more about the losses and gains of the pro wrestling as a business (I mean, literally) when you check out Smark Henry. Meantime, I could only give my takes after gaining some insights from these stuff.

How do you fix the WWE? How do you regain what has been lost? Or if you lose something on your TV ratings, what should you do?
A.) Bring Vincent Kenndy McMahonB.) Let Triple H take over?C.) Don’t over-experiment?D.) Do an organic push? OrE.) Don’t screw up at all?
Let’s face it. Vince’s return to the WWE helm may be a desperate attempt (though of course, the creative people will deny it). But hearing “No Chance In Hell” entrance and let the 70-year old mogul do the talking was really special. However, setting his character, I think its about time for the Vinny Mac to let his daughter Stephanie and son-in-law Paul Levesque do the manning.

But if Hunter will take over the main programming, chances are things might roll great; especially the fact that NXT was on a roll even before he create several special NXT TakeOver specials. Well, lets’ just hope NXT will not be neglected in the process. And I mean by leveling the stuff he does on both; because the line will be blurred enough. Still, I believe as a businessman, Levesque is smart and he so far, he makes smart decision that leads to the success of WWE’s developmental firm. Sometimes, I can even say NXT is much bigger than the WWE itself.

Yes, take Roman Reigns for example. It’s not just as saying he’s finally got the hump. Kayfabe aside, Roman Reigns was groomed to be the WWE’s next big man. And I’m not saying that he’s not acting like one, but the creative and booking pool has been doing not-so-well in letting him grow for such. If things were done properly and as early as January 2014, Roman Reigns should have been already a notable figure in piloting the sports-entertainment world. But no, they have a lot of mash-ups with Batista headlining WrestleMania 30, as well as the Daniel Bryan vs. The Authority tale, and even John Cena in the mix, seems like there’s an “idea overload” backstage.

I think I just said enough.

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