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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Realizations by 12:30 AM

12/07/2015 12:51:00 AM

Since I hardly get some sleep at this very minute, I end up having a bunch of "12:30 midnight realizations."

Even if I always mock this guy, I have to commend my boy Ivan for doing talks for iBlog for the past four years (much earlier than the time I attend such event). Honestly, I have no idea if I could do public speaking... yet.

Speaking of which (perhaps), once I pushed my plans on reviving the old podcast project I had (Randomness by Default), I'm not sure if it's still gonna be the same quartet. One of us were very busy (much busier than I do), while the other have some other duties on her commitments (both career, relationship, and other vocations), and the last aforementioned seems too busy to reach right now (I call it ‪#‎LovelifeProblems‬, just don't ask for advices on me). However, life would be easier for me since in the first place, I'm literally a do-it-all guy from start to finish.

I was supposed to take a break from the scene by January 2016 only to realized there are awesome gigs organized by my friends. A birthday gig, a music video launch, and a charity party. Damn, the offers I can't refuse. GAAAAAH!

As of the moment, I have like 15-25 entries on backlog, including the prospect year-ender posts. Got to bounce back by one of these nights.

And since I now have four printers at my place, why don't I establish a business like let's say... a printing house? Yeah, literally. Hahahaha!

Maybe, soon! So long!

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