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Monday, December 14, 2015

Streak's Over

12/13/2015 12:16:40 PM

For over the past few days, my attention has been caught by the Golden State Warriors. No wonder why they are the present NBA Champions. No wonder why they had a very impressive run for the past season and at present (well, so far).

Well, it’s quite their chemistry showed on the way they play the basketball. And even if head coach Steve Kerr is out on sick bay, Luke Walton must have done a great job on manning the team as Stephen Curry was on his MVP self, and his teammates has been complimenting very, very well.

At first, I was supposed to write this piece as  How Do You Stop the Streak? And we’re not talking about how Brock Lesnar did to Undertaker on WrestleMania XXX last year. And not even on how to stop Floyd Mayweather’s unbeatable run in boxing ‘cause unfortunately not even Manny Pacquiao can do so.

But rather, it’s how to contain the high-octane offense by the Golden State Warriors and moreover, to send them to a standing with a single dirt.

And just a few minutes later, the Milwaukee Bucks stopped Golden State’s historic run. Yes, on one of 2015’s big weekend of sporting events where UFC 194 will be staged at Las Vegas featuring the Aldo-McGregor scuffle for legitimacy, Donaire redeeming himself in one of the classics against Cesar Juarez, and if Roman Reigns will win the WWE’s Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match.

Yes, that 24-0 run. And if you’re gonna look back to last year’s Finals: 27. However, if you’ll count the last four games of the regular season alone (according to, it’s 28. And that’s one up against the second longest winning streak in a single regular-season; when Miami Heat had done it a few years ago by going 27-0.

Kinda ironic if we’ll talk history here: the Milwaukee Bucks also stopped a victorious run by the Los Angeles Lakers in 1972; and the snapped from a 33-game winning streak has set an all-time record . And no other team came up very close.

Well, you have to give it to the Warriors. Winning for more-than-a-quarter of the entire 82-game assignment is no joke. As your victories racked up night by night, more and more teams will find a way to extinguish your fiery run. Either you have to study a lot of playbooks or do something more strategies.

And as of this writing, I can say this is the first shocker of this Saturday night. 

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