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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Seven Hours

1/22/2016 7:48:03 PM

What can you do in seven hours?

A very personal question that might be easily sounding to answer, but it actually wasn’t. 

Imagine doing household chores for example? Unless you were trained to do so, I think seven hours will be very complete thing to clean your house.

Seven hours. What can you do in seven hours? Or 420 minutes; near one-third of a day; or let’s just simply say 25,200 seconds?

Unless you were born a lazy bastard, you might accomplish nothing. Imagine seven hours of doing nothing. I mean, literally. Either you might be happy on that kind of set-up or you will lose your sanity the same way you lost your virginity during puberty stage. Heck, that could even produce a hundred rounds of a combat sport event; and even an uncountable rounds of sex.

Seven freaking hours. Perhaps you might have written a part of a novel right there; or at least ran a half-season marathon of The Walking Dead, or watched two WWE pay-per-views or three NBA regular-season games. Or maybe, listened to at least 144 songs (assuming each runs for at least 3.5 minutes) and three and a half 90-minute podcast -- I wish your ears weren’t bleeding as fuck though especially if you’re wearing your favorite headset.

Seven hours. What on earth can you do for seven hours? 

Make your mother proud?

Wage an advocacy?

Or maybe...

Is it enough to know someone else? Is it quite ample to engage yourself into at least a friendly conversation -- or better yet, romantically?

As they say, some things happened so good that whatever time they had in store seems to come up short. Admit it, folks. There were circumstances where you already had a good time only to realized the show already reached its culminating part.. And too bad, it doesn’t matter if you want more.

But maybe that could start a spark, you know what I’m saying? Like... A continuation.

You’re lucky if your date reached seven hours. That simply means either two things: traffic in Manila sucks big time that it paved you to do something worthy, or to sum it up: you’re not a boring person at all. As if you wanted to talk to that lady or gentleman for more. You like to interact with her more often.

Yes, it could be a spark like an old High School Musical track -- start of something new. While you can also argue it could spell doom to several agendas in life, I can only retaliate by uttering a question: Why would you spend seven hours on being a badass and destroying a lot of matters? You can do that on a shorter span of time.

What can you do on seven hours? 

Maybe, if you believe on that most-argued concept, that would make a start of your “forever.”

And maybe, that might be enough to fuel somebody’s spirit. Not necessarily to change a life in an instant.

It could make you fall for something that is worth falling for.

Moreover, it could make a person love somebody. If you know what I mean. :)

Author: slickmaster | (c) 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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