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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Scene Around: Revolution Baby Productions EP Night

1/10/2016 1:08:08 PM

I was supposed to hit by a gig last Friday night only to end up sleeping at the sick bay due to almost-a-week long colds. All that despite having invited by two Facebook friends at the indie scene.

This past Saturday, though not totally feeling well, still swing by Route 196 for an EP launch and at the same time, my first gig for 2016. And it’s called Revolution Baby EP night.

Five bands performed during the evening: The Espasouls, PAUL, Banna Harbera, Nick’s Son and The Anton Molina Project. Apart from Banna, it was actually the first time I heard these bands live. And more than I thought, The Espasouls (or are they previously named as Sammy and Friends?) was another band by Sammy Valenia, the entertaining back-up vocalist and guitarist from Jensen and the Flips. He also filled in Gelo Acosta’s shoes for SUD since the latter’s departure for studies at London.

Speaking of which, it was also the guy’s last gig before departing Manila once again. Ironically, the first time I heard him on his band.

At the end of the night, I got an EP which I have yet to listen as of writing time. Kinda interesting while I bow my head to my good friend Patrick Felipe. He’s the busiest guy of the night; playing for three bands on one evening (and luckily, on one venue)! Now talk about lagare!

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