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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Weeknights to Remember: SlickMaster's Memorable Gigs of 2015 (Part 1)

12/31/2015 3:00:36 PM

The post was supposed to be named Fridays and Saturday Nights to Remember only to realized a few things: first, gigs are happening every single weeknight; second, most of them aren’t even planned by yours truly to attend; and third, I have been to almost 70 gigs for 2015.

2015 has been a heck of a good year for me as I discovered Philippine music anew -- and it broods at the place where minority of people knows -- the independent scene. Over the course of time, I attended about 50 events starting from a random night out that happened 24 January 2015 at Route 196. I was then supposed to watch my college friend whose already a musician.

And since then, the Philippine independent music scene became another world conquered by yours truly. I became part of a production group; I was posting anything about gigs for most of the time; and indie music also served as a venue for me to grow as opportunities came from out of nowhere -- be it writing or anything else like photography and videography.

Fast-forward to the year-end, despite attending the last one or two music events of this year from small-time gigs to the big or concert-level ones, I can say I had a lot of memorable evenings. 

Jensen and the Flips from the far-away angle
Tagaytay Art Beat (19 September 2015 / Museo Orlina / Docdef Productions)

Tagaytay Art Beat was perhaps the first of two lifestyle events I’ve been with. With all the preparation hype (plus I was also the contributing videographer), Art Beat turned out to be very successful as 1,200+ people occupied the garden/amphitheater of Ramon Orlina’s prized masterpiece venue for almost 11 hours of musical extravaganza. Plus the art exhibition galleries were worth the ticket, too!

What makes it more memorable is that it also became part of the Philippine trends on Twitter the following morning. Perhaps that makes it up for not-so-good signal around the area as most people arrived in Manila witnessing a Woodstock-like gathering. 

And you’re part of the hardworking men and women who made Tagaytay Art Beat possible. Now, isn’t that worth reminiscing?

Tandems 91
Dusk Til Dawn (17 July 2015 / Route 196 / Vandals on the Wall)

Music web portal Vandals on the Wall celebrated their second year of existence by putting up a special evening that seemed more than just one with the combined effort of Gabi Na Naman Productions and VOTW’s very own The Rest is Noise.

Giniling Festival
SaGuijo’s 11th Anniversary (3 October 2015 / Saguijo / Saguijo)

I rarely go to SaGuijo. But then, I have to be familiarized with the place considering the fact that SaGujo was the place-to-be at the South. And true enough for few reasons.

First, when I arrived by 5:30 in the afternoon, the place was already jam-packed.

Second, 16 bands performed during the evening, with Up Dharma Down billed at the middle of the event? It’s like a main event at the primetime hours.

And third: because SaGuijo will not be 11 years stronger if not for the strong fanbase.

Autotelic Birthday Bash (15 October 2015 / Route 196 / Otelik, Docdef Productions)

I admit: I have been a huge fan of this band since hearing them for the first time. Watching them live for like 1321464178461 times was never a tiring experience.

And celebrating their birthday with Docdef Productions, as well as hearing the duo of Gabby Alipe and John Dinopol on acoustics? Totally refreshing for me.

The Purplechickens
#FeteIndie2015 a.k.a. The 2015 Fete de la Musique Independent Music Stage (21 June 2015 / 12 Monkeys Music Pub and Hall / Docdef Productions,, Vandals on the Wall)

What makes it memorable? Simple answer: First time. 

Yes, it was the first time for me to attend a Fete De La Musique Philippines event (after a decade of dying to do so). Plus, it’s more memorable to think I got a break in music photography. 

And to think there are 19 musicians that rocked the indie stage for FDLM from 3:15 PM ‘til 2:45 AM of Sunday? Total package!

Farewell Fair Weather
Jack Daniel's On Stage Philippines Indie Music Awards (17 April 2015 / Whitespace Makati / Jack Daniel’s Philippines, Teamworks)

First time to hear the likes of Cynthia Alexander, Urbandub, and Flying Ipis on Stage. Plus seeing your favorite band Autotelic make it to the Top 3, and your friends Farewell Fair Weather winning the most-coveted distinction of being “The Chosen One.”

MilesExperience Love Supreme Music Video Launch (16 July 2015 / Route 196 / Docdef Productions, 9 Roots)

MilesExperience, a boy-band from UST whom their music and sex appeal seemed to rock those kolehiyalas out there, launched their music video for their single Love Supreme in a holiday Thursday at Route 196.

And it’s no surprise this band were a bunch of badass mutherfuckers as the crowd reached its fire hazard level during their set; prompting yours truly to secure a breather by doing a back-door exit (laughs).

But seriously, MSex (as they call themselves) was one of the bands out there who can make sexy music and have a massive cult of followers in the process.

Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus
Docdef 100: In D’ Flow (28 November 2015 / Flow House Manila / Docdef Productions, Flow House Manila)

In D’ Flow is not just an ordinary concert as Flow House Manila also had a series of events on the side: DJ sets, live art painting, skateboard painting contest, and even offered their specialty called Flow Rider to VIP ticketholders.

I think it’s this time when Docdef goes all out, not just offering their signature of all-feel good music lineup. Yes, how about going a bit higher with Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus and Mayonnaise at the lineup?

Author: slickmaster | ©2015, 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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