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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Flick Review: Walang Forever

1/2/2016 10:14:54 AM

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Walang Forever may appear to be another hellish romance movie with comedy and dramatic portions lying somewhere in between. But with the advent of the popular term called #hugot (or angst)in the emotional Filipinos, it’s quite more easy to stereotype Walang Forever; considering a lot of people arguing whether the F word really exists or not, especially at the context of romantic relationships.

Dan Villegas was a successful guy in adding the hugot flavor to English Only, Please. He, along with Anj Pessumal and Antonette Jadaone were the new breed of key players in doing such programs right now. No wonder why emotional angst and intellectual wits were the trending combo factors when it comes to making drama or romcoms right now.

And it's quite impressive too that Fernando Ortigas and EA Rocha invested a quality picture on romcoms, too!

It’s kinda effective to put Jericho Rosales and Jennylyn Mercado in the mix, with the latter obviously being the standout for the Best Actress accolade once again at the awards night of the 41st Metro Manila Film Festival. The two had built a good chemistry on-screen. 

However, I had a problem on how he got a terminal disease along the way? Because it shows no symptoms that’s why all of a sudden, his slowly demise appeared like an RKO outtanowhere? Perhaps, or maybe.

But nevertheless, this movie will make you think about the existence of forever. Perhaps on a deeper aspect, like how winning an improbable task of getting back, or how to deal with the stacking odds.

And in the process, make you believe on it.

I only had another problem: if Honor Thy Father wasn’t disqualified for the Best Picture, either WF will lose or at least give HTF a very good fight.

Verdict: 9

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