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Saturday, January 02, 2016

PlayBack: Autotelic – Gising

12/13/2015 10:59:24 AM (Updated 07/18/2016 08:28:24 PM)

It seems for every single song that Autotelic performed on stage, there’s always this kind of vibe that made me either document them or just sing-along and dance to the tune, or do both.

But differing from their typical sound check en route to their first song, this version is quite different; perhaps a livelier one. And it draws closer to their signature sound.

Misteryoso may talk about literally spotting a mysterious lady which for instance gave a strange kind of affection. But Gising, is quite even stranger (though in some good sort). Like the quarreling worlds of dreams and reality (okay, I’m sounding not-so-poetic here). 

On the flip side, I might have a contrasting interpretation here; to each his/her own anyway. At one point, it might be funnier to say their chorus might sound a bit of Breezy but not in any negative sort. While in their interview with the Radio Republic, the band tackled as a story between a "too good to be true" feeling, something that serving as an alarming 'wake up' call to reality. (Sort of, self-check.)

Their early version actually sounds good, though when they did it as their "buena mano" on their usual sets, it just got better. Over the course of 14 months, I actually managed to capture some live versions of Gising only to ended up hearing them on my road trips. And that is a helluva good when heard LIVE!

Their recorded version formally made it to the internet waves just the past week, and comparing it to the canned one attached to the Tagaytay Art Beat aftermovie, improvements became more evident the same way when they were playing this during their gigs. 

It sounded more pop, giving more relation to their signature, which is better. The chorus may have been not totally in uniform unlike before. The vocals may have been a bit calm compared to their much-intense riffs and drubs, but Kai Honasan's voice had more exposure compared to what she had part on most tracks of their first album. The instrumental may have been shorter and had a bit of different pattern but had more groove; making it more of a dance-able beat.

And looks like they are really taking the similar path of Close Your Eyes; and I mean making more radio-friendly tracks without the aid of compromising their creativity.

Hear Autotelic's Gising now on Spotify!

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