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Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Scene Around: Pour Out What’s Special

2/25/2016 4:58:58 PM

It’s been an evening comprised of sweetening taste buds, eargasm, and beautiful aesthetics as Novellino Wines, together with Docdef Productions and Fringe MNL brought you Pour Out What’s Special.

Fourteen musicians rocked the house down with delectable tunes to spice up the evening as Valentine’s Day approached by. Along the way, various visual artists flaunted their precious masterpieces on a gallery inside the winery; plus photography exhibits from young photographers Gab Pili and Darzi Pinga and live mural art made by Cinos and Doom.

Also, people were treated at the acoustic set outside where several balladeers serenade away on a breezy, lovely atmospheric night.

The Modern Playground jazzed up the stage as they kicked off Pour Out What’s Special. Coeli San Luis and The Benjamins followed suit with a sultry mixture of strings. Perhaps a refreshing start as the sun goes down.

The Modern Playground
Coeli San Luis X The Benjamins 
TheSunManager, Alasmedya, and Reese Lansangan graced the evening with bunch of their indie-pop acoustics; thus, setting a different vibrant inside the venue: slow and chill. 


TheSunManager (Photograph taken by Jemaima Robles)
Reese Lansangan (Photograph taken by Jemaima Robles)
As we hit midway through the evening, things are gradually rising as Fools and Foes, Banna Harbera MilesExperience, Tom’s Story, and Farewell Fair Weather spiced them up further with their delectable tunes of indie folk, pop alternative, math rock, and various combinations of genres and angst-defiant lyrical work.

Banna Harbera
Tom's Story
Farewell Fair Weather
While the night’s getting late, The Ransom Collective just get this party started as they play their high-vibrant kind of indie folk pop. Sud, on the other hand, jazzed up the sexy way with live tracks of their own; and Jensen and The Flips served the hottest music to date as they delivered various kinds of pop alternative, sending the audience into an instant moshpit session.

The Ransom Collective
Jensen and The Flips... with the big bang ending called 'confetti.' 
With the turnout of the event, Pour Out What’s Special proved that art forms and social drinking can sit well with each other as the Philippine-made wide and the Philippine local indie scene have one thing in common: made out of great quality.

And with the advent of the demographics a the indie scene where the younger generation are quite indulged with it’s not that hard to see the convergence of wine, arts and music having a beautiful outcome; thus, resulting into a unique-but-great event.

Author: slickmaster | (c) 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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