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Monday, February 15, 2016

You're banned!

02/15/2016 04:44:18 PM 
See what happens when you mess with a wrong guy? Ask him.
Imagine a sudden decision called out by a top sports official on one of its employee. It's like watching at a scene where one gets fired in such a humiliating manner. Or at the context of sports — with a flavor of entertainment — it's like Vincent Kennedy McMahon or her daughter Stephanie going irate and shouting “YOU'RE FIIIIIRRREEEEDD!” to anyone who dared to stand on their way (but of course, professional wrestling way too different from professional basketball).

It looked like a simple highlight clip on YouTube; for over two minutes, it appeared like a normal temperamental moment on the court. But not until the commissioner has stepped on the court and confronted Ivan Johnson, an reinforcement player for the Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters last Saturday afternoon at the PhilSports Arena in Pasig City.

And that resulted into the most harshest penalty ever set by the sports league executive — a lifetime band plus a hefty fine of Php 250,000.

So it's like you lost already a lot of money because you haven't even finished a single regular conference game at the country. Not even you reached halftime right there.

Spur-of-the-moment are the best worst words to describe this shenanigan at all. Who in the right frame of mind would do that at all? This republic's ain't Martial Law or an on-the-spot crime scene where citizen arrest is an applicable neutralizer.

Okay, I get it. He had done it a lot of times. From a basketball league in Korea in 2007, to the NBA 2008 (Atlanta Hawks, to be exact). But heck, as much as he garnered accolades, he's still human after all. Perhaps, he may be an underrated version of what has been a guy known as Renaldo Balkman.

And maybe, on his recent bye-bye stint with the Philippines, the import who powered TNT to the '15 Commisioner's Cup title, was figured out onto array of mishaps. He was part of a brawl in a pre-season game at Moro Lorenzo Gym and fined Php 50,000 plus a one-game suspension as a result.

And after years of having series of unbecoming actions towards a player, game official, and even a fan, looks like he messed up big time with a sports executive. No wonder why PBA commissioner Chito Narvasa turned on his “trigger-happy” self by firing him out of the league. Yes, both literally and figuratively.

That's what you get, Ivan. Well, as Kume said (though of course, not by any literal means). Though it may appear like he got entangled on two flagrant fouls—which automatically merits technical fouls at all and contesting them—sent him packing out of sight... and even out of mind.

But the question: is there really a due process about this incident? Not even count as a tough love, brother. Some would even tell the guy should enroll himself on anger management classes.

Perhaps, a 'fuck' word, in his eyes, was barely enough to merit a hellish-slash-just punishment, whatever you believe in.

Though honestly, he deserved the punishment. That was a huge disrespect to the authority, no matter how we think of the current cheiftain.

But certainly, due process wasn't there. It's like an instant basic principle of Newton's Law of Motion but was driven at the fast lane. Like an instant suspension ala special delivery. And to think that Narvasa was involved into array of 'popular and unpopular' decisions to run the PBA, including the banning the notable sports beat journalist Snow Badua out of the league—and even warned all personalities involved that there will be consequences should they talk to the blacklisted reporter.

Also, the sudden confrontation incident with Dondon Hontiveros. How crap is that?

Yes, just like that.

Ain't those impulsive calls an enough basis for him to earn some massive calls on his resignation from the post? 

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