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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Choking from the Upset Victories

3/6/2016 10:13:07 PM

Just a few months ago, we have witnessed a sudden turn of events inside the octagon. It was at the land down under when the woman of top was knocked down -- and off from her throne. And while we have witnessed the first downfall of the Golden State Warriors, we have seen an instant knock-out punch that suddenly changed the landscape for the UFC welterweight division.

And on Saturday evening, we have seen a duo of rear-naked chokes which depicted upset victories. 

Nearly four months after pulling off an improbable win against Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm was stunned by a late submission move by another tough female competitor Miesha Tate. The loss also made her unable to successfully defend her UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion.

Say, while Holm negated what has been a super-athlete Ronda, Tate has just neutralized everything. Pulling off an upset victory, taking away the title, and in the process alleviating her status in her division. It’s interesting to see how their rematch clauses take place soon. Imagine: Rousey will be obviously chasing Holm to even up the series; though we all know that’s she’s coming up for the title either. 

But now Miesha has the coveted prize, it’s most likely Rowdy will gun for her either. And what’s not impossible for that plan? The former champ defeated the newly-crowned one in their two duels at the octagon before.

But of course, you can’t take away Holly out of the picture, as well ass the other woman bantamweight fighters.

One thing is for sure: it will be a rocky road for the championship again. But definitely a very unbiased one.

Just when Conor McGregor walked his talk, too bad his mouth could not able to handle Nate Diaz. After those trash-talking sessions in front of the press (and worldwide television), the featherweight champion loss to a non-title fight last Saturday on a rear-naked choke.

And just like that, he’s humble in defeat. All that despite owning Diaz a bloody face. Looks like he got his sports science wrong this time. Well, it happens. Give this guy a break. Looks lkke switching divisions for a while made him less efficient performer; losing his intensity in the process. Well you can argue that he still whipped Diaz face at the start. But it all boils down to the end. How you start might have just get you a heads-up; but definitely ot guaranteeing you a sure-slot at the end of the race. After all, mixed martial arts -- just like any combat sport -- had a similar dictation of result; time pressure forces you to perform -- that is simply to win over your opponent by all possible (and legal) means. And when the allotted time has all been consumed, this is where the numbers and technicalities enter to spell the jury.

Chokes and upsets might have been the name of the game soon; with the UFC bannering two huge cards as their main event, it’s no surprise this MMA firm was definitely rolling.

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