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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

RoadBlock Ahead?!

03/08/2016 03:31:06 PM
The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is on the verge of staging their build-ups for WrestleMania. This past Royal Rumble, we had the second edition of WWE Fast Lane. In six weeks time, the question: is it really a quicker route for the Show of Shows?

And just when we thought we will never have a special event before Mania, there goes WWE waging their offering called March to WrestleMania: Live from Toronto. But then it was changed, and instead got a RoadBlock as their title.

Really? So are we on an expressway? On a freeway bridging the major pay-per-views Rumble and Mania?

Funny. Looks like tons of constructing infrastructure's ahead of us; with three confirmed matches on April—and tons to twists and turns in between.

I mean, let's face it: Roman Reigns was supposed to be an all-out groomed as the WWE's present top guy. But he wasn't showing the exact portrayal of one. Or in the other side, he was hampered by poor booking and illogical storywriting by the creatives. Wait, was it really creatives fault? Or is Vince kinda stubborn enough to not letting his pool experiment on what should happen at the ir product?

Ridiculous, right?

Heck, just when I thought there will a Daniel Bryan-esque Mania moment for Dean Ambrose, I was wrong. I even thought it will be a fatal-four-way match. But fuck this shit; those ain't gonna happen. It will be a tune-up game like for Hunter when he faced the Lunatic Fringe this Saturday.

However, if there will bew an upset in favor of DA, let's see how things will fare up. I wish Roman shows up and screws everyone like more than how he did to everyone at TLC.

And because there will be carnage at Dallas, Texas, it's quite unfortunate for us to witness a clash of the forces. Instead of having a physique-versus-mentality clash of the beasts, we end up having a street fight between Ambrose and Brock Lesnar.

And that leaves Bray Wyatt and his cult of buzzards lying somewhere else. Their loss at Fastlane made them literlaly lost their way back; as they were supposedly a faction of destructors in the E right now, something that unfortunately, got derailed by Chris Jericho, and the creatives en route to Survivor Series last year.

Now, he's back to face Paul Heyman's advocate, this should hype the event enough. Imagine if they were thinking twice of subscribing to the WWE NETWORK, they may not have a five-star championship match, but definitely numerous of present bigwigs: one's a super-athletic guy whose heelish tactics weren't able to overthrow the crowd appreciation for “Suplex City,” one of the best talkers in the scene, and a bunch of creepy phenomenal who not just had a mind-encrypting ideas, but physiques that could even intimidate fellow giants. Wow.
One problem, though: Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan was booked for another WWE Live Event during the same evening at Atlantic City. This seems confusing with Luke Harper as Bray's confidante.
This should better be well. They had a chance to steal the spotlight and tagged as “match of the night.”

Other than these two scuffles, there will be a tag team match for the NXT Tag Team Championship, something I hope will not end on a disqualification. But it would still be possible; thus setting up for another battle at NXT Takeover: Dallas. Or perhaps the same result but a different one come April Fools Day.

If speculations will be true that Sami Zayn will be around RoadBlock—and will set a feud with Kevin Owens for WrestleMania—how will that happen? The current IC champ was also advertised for NJ event.
And if there will be Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus during the evening, I don't think it will make sense the most. These two has been slugging each other that their story was nothing but a pointless, futile one, thanks to the League of Nations and their supposedly alliance to the Authority. And things aren't connecting well, to be exact.

Besides, these two are reportedly at sick bay. If that's the case, better keep them at bay.
Perhaps the planning for WWE RoadBlock will not be final yet. But we hope that in five days time, things will go as planned. And hope this road block ain't really a road block for WWE's development as they head on to their biggest spectacle at Texas.

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