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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tirada Ni SlickMaster: Inglis Bersyon

03/21/2016 04:49:55 PM

So politics is “so elite,” eh? Just like the world of sophistication such as higher-taste of media, fashion, and even arts.

That would be believable if Mr. Teddy Boy Locsin's tweets were right. Recently, he expressed disdain on the usage of Tagalog dialect (not language) by certain candidates Mar Roxas and Grace Poe at the second edition of the 2016 PiliPinas Presidential Debates held at the University of the Philippines in Cebu City.

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So, what the fuck is wrong if both presidential candidates—as well as the entire personnel involved in this debate—uses Tagalog more than English? Isn't that sound elitism at will? Fuck, we're not even living at the dark ages where language barriers seemed to determine who's rich and poor in this country.

Okay. Because English is more spoken (or generally, used) at the areas outside Metro Manila, right? Because apart from the popular language, various folks could only converse via their respective dialogs, such as Hiligaynon, Cebuano, Waray, Kapampangan, Ilocano, and even Pangasinense (or Pangalatok); all but Tagalog. So that speaks for the reason why we looked diverse as fuck. Talk about regionalism.

Are we supposed to reach the masses, right? After all, we need to educate them on picking the right guy to represent our power. And moreover, we need to make them aware of what's happening in our country instead of focusing on our favorite entertainment demigods.

Besides, PiliPinas Debates 2016 airs LIVE primarily on four major television networks in this country—with three of them using Filipino as their main speaking medium. So letting use English would only lure potential—and needed viewers away.

Another thing: does speaking English makes us smarter human beings? More intellectual than our indio or masa-looking counterparts? I don't think so at all. While it may be our second national language—plus the objective that would make us more “globally competitive”—I'm afraid that belittling our native tongue would only make us colonial crabs-slash-wannabe elites-slash-social climbers.

And that sparks discrimination either. It's like saying those who uses Tagalog are masses; just like how Locsin described English as the language of men. Really? How about the women, the gay guys, the other members of LGBT? Are they pretentious when they speak of such?


Plus, it's not Tagalog anymore. It's Filipino, okay? Tagalog is a major dialect. And it may be the previous name of our national language, but during the reformation of New Society, it was now known as Pilipino—or Filipino. The label change fully took place during the Aquino presidency.

That being said.... putanginang elitstang 'to! Nasa Pilipinas tayo. Filipino ang ginagamit ng mga nagdedebate. Pinoy din ang manunood. Kaya sino ka para sabihan na dapat ginagamit ang lengwaheng Ingles at insultuhin ang wikang Filipino?

Ah. Porket inapproriate o hindi akma, kailangan i-discourage o limitahan sa paggamit? Dahil ba nagmumukhang katarantaduhan ang debateng ito? Porket sibilisadong disiplina sa lingwistika ang Ingles?

Eh tangina, yan ang gusto nila Mar at Poe eh. Para maintindihan sila ng masa.

At take note, hindi Tagalog ang wika. Punyeta, Filipino! Mula pa noong dekada '80 pa 'to napagdesisyunang pangalan, Tagalog pa rin kayo nang Tagalog?! 

Kaya huwag mo kong Iinglesin sa sarili kong lupain, ika nga ni Luna.

And to quote my favorite humorist Stanley Chi, “Pa-English English ka pa. Sipain kita d'yan eh!”


Author: slickmaster | (c) 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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