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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Potential Japanese (Wrestling) Invasion

04/29/2016 05:34:42 PM

I haven't been following NXT but perhaps we haven't saw this coming at all.

Yes, Finn Balor, the longest reigning NXT champion was dethroned, and it didn't happen on a televised taping. It all happened on a live NXT event.

Have we saw it coming at all? Perhaps, yes. But on this kind of set-up? Maybe most of us would say no. Much to the less-shocker of Mania '30.

Heck, I even thought Samoa Joe will snatch the title away from Balor at their NXT TakeOver Dallas event, much to some of our dismay.

But will this move make Finn Balor's debut (or to quote the SGP boys, “demote”) to the main roster? If you're a fan of Japan wrestling, then you know by now that AJ Styles has moved to the E since Royal Rumble, and Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson has also sent their message to the world the RAW after Mania.

We wish. And that will rev up the entire tag team division as a whole; more enjoyable than seeing The Wyatt Family, The Authority, the Shield and even League of Nations.  Talk about The Bullet Club.

If LoN was sustained better by the writers. If the Wyatts weren't injured as fuck. And moreover, if the creatives will find a way to reunite The SHIELD. This was supposed to be their era by now; only if Daniel Bryan was physically doing well at all (but hey, he retired anyway).

I have a strange feeling he will show up at Payback.

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