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Sunday, April 03, 2016

The Pre-take: WrestleMania 32 Pre-Show Matches

4/3/2016 3:59:06 PM

WrestleMania 32 had three stellar main events and a total of eleven cards. But three of them also comes with a hefty content known as the pre-show. With Mania featuring a two-hour prelude program, tehre will be three matches, with one of them coming as a network and social media exclusive. How is that, right?

Kalisto will defend his United States Championship against Ryback on what has been a for-Internet-only show might have been a luring strategy to subscribe into the network, but it also implicates something: for one, to rack up sales for streaming (which here in the Philippines, might be doubtful considering our Internet speed); and Vince looks like this story will be nothing but a buster. Like, how can a luchador get his triumph over a heel-turning big guy? Or how their development really suck the same way as the Reigns-HHH feud?
Sucks to be on either side, right? I have a gut feeling that this will be a Sheamus-Daniel Bryan 2.0 -- meaning, it will be a short match but uninteresting to us fans at all. Forget the David vs. Goliath thing. 

However, I’d like to see Ryback taking the US belt, and it’s now high time for Kalisto to get the tag team golds with Sin Cara as the Lucha Dragons.

Meanwhile, the Divas Revolution continues. But we’re talking about numbers game here. I just hope their 5-on-5 tag team match will never be short like how the Vickie Guerrero Tournament turned out. Yes, the entire roster had their time to shine, but only to left out a few minutes later. Like, “really?” With three NXT grads propelling the topnotch of the women’s wrestling; let’s hope the duel between Total Divas and Team Bad and Blonde will turn out well.
And I guess the result will be Brie Bella pinning Lana for the win; or else, Emma gets her WrestleMania moment by pinning Paige. Or at least, we know that Lana can wrestle better than Eva Marie, right? Speaking of the devil, we may see her turning her back against everyone. Like, beating the crap out of every single lady. 

However, that will be a sucker too!

And as the panel would still be talking about the upcoming matches for WM32, this is a worthy of a pre-show tag team match: The Usos vs. The Dudley Boyz. Well, we could only hope for a tables match to be put on instead as that will bring more heck of a flava for this budding rivalry of the year. After all, they are gunning for such material to be utilized, right?

What Culture
So that speaks why this was left at the pre-show while the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal will be taking place at the main cards.

While I’m up to see the Dudleyville heels perform a 3D, I’ll aslo say Jimmy and Jey will take home the W. There’s no way this duo can hype WrestleMania just like the way they did two years ago when they defend that tag-team championship at New Orleans’ Superdome.

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