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Saturday, April 02, 2016

The Pre-take: WrestleMania 32

4/2/2016 8:25:05 AM

AJ Styles versus Chris Jericho. As much as I admire the first part of their rivalry, unfortunately not when they reignited that one. We all knew Y2J was heel already when they clashed with each other before WWE FastLane, right? That being said, we may have been clearly distinguished who’s who; But should this one happened too soon? They just failed to dethrone The New Day once after three tries as Y2AJ? Fuck.

But anyway, will this be an instant classic? Maybe and hopefully. Will Chris Jericho lose another WrestleMania battle? Definitely yes. As much as he needed the win, no way he can do so against an upstart on the E like AJ Styles.

Will Kevin Owens get his WrestleMania moment? Definitely. But will he go home of Mania with the Intercontinental title at his hand? Definitely no. It will be a very tough challenge for the prizefighter to retain his IC gold, that’s for sure.

screengrab from YouTube
I wonder: what if Zack Ryder wins it? That would look like a screwjob? No at all. Though he was now only a jobber for most of the time -- and just filling the spot for an injured Neville -- that would be his high time if WWE will take him seriously. Yes, IF he will be more than just being a jobber, because he will be facing not just Ownes, but six other superstars whose been lobbying for various matches for too long.

And enter Sami Zayn into the picture; this guy whose been chasing Owens since Royal Rumble, might have won the title. But in case he can not do so, expect an El Generico-Kevin Steen up in the heavens.

Because I am quite pretty sure there’s a chance that Dolph Ziggler will not only steal the show, but the championship as well. Look, this guy may have been craving for his WrestleMania singles match for too long, but was deprived most of the time. So the only chance he can do so is to finish what he started last year (or maybe, the previous ones).

Though we hope the 7-way ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship will not kick off WrestleMania again. I mean, come one, we already got this last year. Can we have something else to jumpstart Mania?

Finally, the divas were given a chance for Mania. Two years after a disappointing Vickie Guerrero classic, a match that only end up as a bathroom break for attendants of WrestleMania 30, here we got is a triple threat match -- for the Divas Championship. And they aren’t just the divas on the main roster, but three grads from NXT whom are now carrying the Divas division at hand.

Yes, these youngsters knew the game very well, eh? Such a good thing after Paige and Stephanie Macmahon called for such.

I’ll be expecting to see Charlotte drop the title to Sasha Banks. Becky Lynch is no way to get a fully hands for such. And that will fuck Ric Flair to be ousted at the venue. Well, we wish. Because that will cause a huge pop.

Last year, The Big Show emerged as the trophy-holder for Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale. And ever since its inception on 2014, we wonder: is there any other significance this segment ever made for Cesaro and Show? We haven’t seen much of it, actually.
So this one should better make sense at the future. Though we could only for Kane to win this one; but maybe the social outcasts will thwart him out.

I guess if Bray Wyatt’s cleared to compete, he will definitely take this one home.

It’s quite unfortunate we will not be seeing tag team golds being defended on Mania; but hey, we got a lot of multi-men battles -- plus a 10-divas tag team match at the pre-show. So I’m quite frankly okay with that.
As much as the League of Nations established dominance by the number, I would think the New Day will still prevail. After all, they have a very successful run as a heel faction; so there’s no way they can’t be one when they are faces. Besides, who would dare to see a bunch of international assholes dispose trash and act as if they are the only international legit superstars in the WWE. They have proven a lot, but still New Day will get this one out.

But expect to drop the title on them soon.

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