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Saturday, April 02, 2016

The Pre-take: WrestleMania 32 - Clash of the Wild Ones

4/1/2016 11:35:51 PM

Eleven matches. Three in the pre-show, and three main eventers. Talk about having a numerous sets for a six-hour event called WrestleMania. One is for the championship, one is for the legacy... and another is for the uprising.

“Take Me To Suplex City.” Perhaps we have seen another rivalry coming ever since Dean Ambrose straightly uttered these words to Brock Lesnar. It is clear than the rising sun; perhaps we haven’t seen that much coming, considering they are feuding along with the dethroned Roman Reigns for the right to face the champ Triple H for WrestleMania.

In fact, it was a multiple-yet-complicated direction path for Ambrose on whom he should deal with most come Mania season. From what should have been previously penned as triple threat match between the SHIELD members, it was diverted into a clash-of-brothers with Reigns -- whom had been on chasing championship and reclamation dreams.

Brock, on the other end, was supposed to work on a feud with Bray Wyatt and his cult of buzzards. In fact, their story at the Royal Rumble was just an instant hotcake. There is also a speculation that WWE might be working on Kevin Owens’ personal dream of clashing with the Beast Incarnate.

But all of them went into disarray. Even if there’s a RoadBlock in Toronto.

And after that special program on the WWE Network, the disarrayed plan still remained as disarrayed as it is.

There’s no question that Dean Ambrose is on the rise even if Vince Macmahon has been shoving Roman Reigns on our throats. His rivalry with Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, and Kevin Owens has made his status roll up to stratosphere.

Despite his part-timer status, Brock Lesnar has been an unquestionable star in the recent WWE. His pairing with Paul Heyman made them the best duo in the business today. Heck, if not for the Authority, they will be the most devastating heels of this storyline.

But too good for his ability to throw everyone like a rag doll, Lesnar looked an unclear heel and an unclear twinner. Yeah, he may be totally intimidating, he may have that outlook of a bully, and he may be a force-to-reckon instinct; but his “Suplex City” made him loved by the crowd more than being hated.

And his alignment with Ambrose should let him get back on his track as an indestructible heel. Sure, we may argue that while he does more than the previous usual cameos, but I guess his value rises up even more than it degrades.

Perhaps the hype wasn’t really lived up to that level, but this story inflicts more interest than the other main event cards. It’s like a clash that defies a physicial affair and psychological warfare. How can the beast contain a lunatic? How can an insane fringe tame conquer a crazy-as-fuck athlete?

I can only say this might be Dean’s very breakout game. He’s an upcoming big-time whose about to battle an already giant -- not literally, but figuratively.

And even if I might say Brock will end up victorious, this match will establish Ambrose as a more legitimate elite icon. Heck, much higher that he billed events like TLC, and Money in the Bank.

This should better be awesome. That, along with Hell in a Cell match, could salvage the entire WrestleMania from being a formidable-yet-forgettable one.

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