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Monday, April 11, 2016

The Rundown Slam: WrestleMania 32 (Part 2)

4/5/2016 3:23:53 AM

Beware, white hawk. A unicorn is coming.... (Photo credit: What Culture)

Clash of the Factions

So the New Day may have the best entrance tonight, but perhaps that will be their only consolation prize as they were thwarted by the League of Nations in one average show. Well, not really bad thing, but I’m quite sure this is not the best thing these two factions had got. Maybe the fact that tag team titles weren’t defended at Mania gives them a blow. Sad life.

That LoN victory solidified themselves as a villain squad right now; though not as vicious as we could perceive on them.

However, legends school them all, and that is something I like about this shenanigans. Give these Texas legends Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels their needed segment and they will make the crowd pop as fuck. Wait, on a storyline-sense, does their cameo made sense at all, or is the shenanigans made for the fans? Considering this year’s fest have a lackluster main event, plus there are no guaranteed spotfest as far as the hyping-the-fights are concern.

Best three-man group?! Somebody's gonna get schooled... (Photo credit: Indian Express)
Nevertheless, that was the best after-match sighting so far aside from the Usos squashing The Dudley Boyz at the table.

Verdict: 8

It was a street fight where a bully meets lunatic, but ends up the typical predictable way. I mean, Brock may have won this, but Dean certainly put up a fight. It so happened that street fight wasn’t really the street fight that everyone expects.

Perhaps that shows why this main event-calibrated card was moved at the second hour of Mania, right ? But fuck it, this should’ve hype the show, considering they got ample characters in Paul Heyman and Dean Ambrose who were good in handling spiels loud. But anyway... This would’ve build Ambrose more street cred to be the one of the top guys of WWE.

But maybe the way it turned out will be a minor step back for Lunatic Fringe.

As for Lesnar, that will be a stop on his Suplex City tour. Lucky 13 is enough. Plus the counter of F5 into a Dirty Deeds is a spot-on!

Dean's about to drop a detour! (Photo credit: Miami Herald)
One year after competing, it’s sad to see Sting retiring from in-ring competition. However, his spotlight for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016 was a major pop.

"WOOOOOOOOO" Better than Ric Flair. (Photo credit: Cageside Seats)
Meantime, it’s Divas Revolution, and we mean Divas Revolution by turning their title into a more legitimate one; talk about bringing back the distinction of WWE Women’s Championship title. As WWE Diva Hall of Fame Lita announced them at the pre-show, I think the white belt suited better. At least that will solidify themselves at the world of women’s wrestling. They need that considering the main roster were badly overshadowed by their NXT counterparts. 

There goes a bossy tribute to Latino Heat (Photo credit: Bleacher Report)
Moving on, the Divas Women’s Championship match was definitely one for the books. I guess Triple H was really proud of his babies at NXT for putting up a great show for WrestleMania. 

I get it, Charlotte may have been cheating. I guess the story continues for her saga as the genetically superior superstar the WWE have right now. I wish, though that Ric Flair was tossed out of Mania by the referee from doing a late distraction on Sasha Banks. That would have a great pop from the hundred thousand crowd.

Or at least Snoop Dogg kicked his ass for once. That will serve him better.

Verdict: 9.3

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