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Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Rundown Slam: WrestleMania 32 (Part 1)

4/5/2016 3:23:53 AM

Texas Monthly
It’s April once again. We have reach a year of wrestling. And for the 32nd time, we have reached the culmination of those machismo folklore. One will defend himself against an emerging Goliath. Another will end oppression. Someone will have his taste of medicine, while the other is going to fight for legacy. One will fall and one will rise, especially when a tyrant clashes with an underdog, albeit the heir apparent status.

After seven years, the Show of Shows is back at Texas, with a similarly simple set-up in front of the oceanic crowd. The stage was set at Arlington, Texas. 101,763 people were inside Arlington, Texas. 12 cards were slated on a 6-hour, 45-minute Sunday program we more knew as WrestleMania.

With two hours slated on pre-show, we moved on to deal with the main cards. There might have been a problem on switching with cameras as pyrotechnics roll on, but it’s quite obvious the crowd is on their feet. I can feel their ecstatic selves, knowing they will be up for a night of immortality--even if at the same time, it spells uncertainty. 

7-on-1 v. 2016

Hey, I have to admire how their opening video package was made by putting up another fitting track called Remember The Name. Fort Minor’s first single may be a decade older, but it never fails to be a standout when it comes on sporting events such as the NBA Playoffs and this year’s WrestleMania.

Starting with the ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship. Well, much to my dismay, this is the way we have started Mania again. But there’s nothing we can do about it. With a bunch of hype-men kicking off the main programmer, we barely need them all. Especially Dolph Ziggler, and Sami Zayn. 

Well, it’s fun that everyone had its share of spot fests, and I mean spot fest for doing such stunts that are enough to be WrestleMania-calibrated thing. They even have a ladder that had the same color theme as Stardust’s get-up.

Zack Ryder may have won the title in his WrestleMania debut. And that might sound like a joke, or at least giving him the spotlight this time. But we could only hope this would mean the WWE will take him seriously the same way as the IC title as been taken very, very seriously. Let him have a story, like an opportunistic guy. Because he just had his first ever cameo and won the title by throwing Miz off the ladder. Suits him better, right?

Owens may have been dethroned, but this gives way to a new rivalry at works -- that’s him vs. Sami Zayn. And we’re now going back to the old times where Kevin Steen turned back on El Generico during their independent circuit days. Let’s see how this rivalry will work. Heck, they can even have a chance to headline WWE’s next pay-per-view called Payback.

Yes, please?

Meantime, that Ziggler's Superkick party deserves a better part of this year's highlight reel. Like... “good night!” as this ladder match will be my top candidate for match of the ‘Mania.

Next to him is Zayn doing insane tricks. Truly, a WrestleMania moment to remember, too!

You know his win will be like a one-night stand, don't you? (Photo credit:

Verdict: 9.2

Fourth Time's The (Lost) Charm

AJ Styles versus Chris Jericho. Another serving to their rivalry story. Just when we thought a trilogy will be already written in the books, fuck. We’re wrong. Maybe their FastLane duel came too early for WM32 that Jericho nailed a win on a series of submissions. However, I only have an issue on Styles’ finisher. I think WWE screwed up The Styles Clash for making Jericho kicked the hell out of it twice. Looks like the Phenomenal will have to reassess his skill set should their story unfold anew.

But nevertheless, we have seen an instant classic with these two men, with counters by Styles and more technical wresting in the fold. But perhaps, with Jericho unleashing more tenacity for being heel in this storyline.

And I have a strange feeling that his Codebreaker to end the match is as similar to Randy Orton’s RKO Outta Nowhere. And I mean literally, because he had done it that way. Good job, Chris. You badly needed that Mania win. Perhaps, saving yourself from that upset two years ago at WrestleMania 29.

Phenomenals in the air (Photo credit:
Verdict: 8

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