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Monday, April 11, 2016

The Rundown Slam: WrestleMania 32 (Part 3)

4/5/2016 3:23:53 AM

Fearsome Price

Shane, what do you think you're up to...? (Photo credits: Stephen Amell411Mania)
Perhaps if there’s any other best brawl for Mania, it’s this Hell in a Cell match. And frankly enough they have redeemed themselves from having a poor, illogical booking here. It was nothing but a fantastic match so to speak.

They have lots of spots, especially for Shane McMahon, whom been jumping from way, way up there. At the top of the cell! 

Though it was Taker who prevailed at the end, it’s no question that Vince’s son put up a fight that we even forgot how old he is.

Verdict: 9

Behemoths in the Forest

On the other side, The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal turned into a bit of comical one when the Big Show met Shaquille O’Neal once again. These two have history way back then.

Just when we thought Kane will be succeeding Show for being the giant winner, NXT’s Lone Wolf Baron Corbin emerged victorious by throwing the former out of the ring and became its last man standing. Say, this newcomer will have a heavyweight shit coming into the main roster soon.

When the rest of the roster has heard enough of your staredown dramaramas (Photo credit: Star Telegram)
Verdict: 7.5

Smelling the Surprise

The Rock has announced the attendance record. And with the cheerleaders, I think he has done a great job on bringing the electricity for Mania. At least for his impromptu match with Erick Rowan... in six seconds. WHAT?!

Say, this looked like another bad jobbing night for the Wyatts. However, Jim Ross might be right to say it’s a good booking. Why Bray matched up well with Rock on talking. Though I might also think if he hadn’t a back injury, things might have turned well on this segment.

And just when we thought Dwayne's on doom, here comes a John Cena cameo. What's WrestleMania without him?

Cena definitely smelled that. (Photo credit: Wrestlenewz)
Verdict: 8

The Fall of Tyranny

Roman Reigns proved at his most (err) that he could overcame the odds made by the Authority by defeating Triple H and take home the WWE World Heavyweight championship at the main event.

Well, to most disdain.

If you ask me, though, this has became too dragging. I was hoping to see Roman Reigns on his vicious self when he assaulted Triple H. But he can’t level the Cerebral Assassin on attacking. He was more of taking umps. Maybe his typical role for being a babyface as similar as to Daniel Bryan and John Cena.

However, when he speared Hunter at the barricade, I think he’s picking up the slack little by little. And when he speared Stephanie, I think the possible they can do for a turnaround.

With this result getting “obviously” predictable already, it’s no surprise to us to rain jeers.

But fuck, let Roman grow. Hopefully, there will be a heel turn for him soon. Like the most you can hope for is expect that to happen on Monday Night RAW

Playing tough, aye? (Independent)
Verdict: 5.4

Just because it has a bad ending doesn’t mean the program already sucked. This ain’t a basketball game where after a big lead, you will end up squandering it and lose. I think WWE did their part to put up a great show despite absence of notable stars due to injuries. At least Cena tried to wrestle even on a dislocated shoulder. Besides, the IC ladder match, triple threat for divas, and hell in a cell were my three matches of the Mania.

The Street Fight was almost a buster as well as the clash of New Day-League of nations. But the legends appeared to save the program even for just a while.

Even if for a mixed-to-positive criticism, RAW after Mania will deliver some better-than-WM goods. I’m hopeful.

Overall verdict: 8.0

Author: slickmaster | (c) 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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