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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Make or Break?

04/12/2016 10:59:01 AM
72 was the number of the day yesterday. It was so significant that it's not just any sort of divisible by anything that is related to the terms of Greatest Common Factor or Least Common Multiple.

What am I talking about?

Twenty years ago, the Chicago Bulls finished their NBA season with a very impressive 72-win record. It could have been win number 73 if it wasn't for their second home loss of the season—against the Indiana Pacers.

Say, who would have thought they will reach that kind of milestone, considering they weren't even hitting a winning streak early in the season? In fact, it was during January 1996 where they go undefeated for a month-long—right after going 10-2 in their first 12 games (and had lost a back-to-back games at one point).

Thus, their sudden rampage on the coming months might also explained for their 18-game winning streak they had since then. This milestone was solidified when they reached that lucky number on their win against Milwaukee Bucks.

That perhaps was almost-easy route for the Jordan-led Bulls to the NBA championship.

Fast-forward to twenty years later... The Golden State Warriors entered their 70th season, and just had their championship trophy for the first time in 40 years after dispatching a much-publicized Cleveland Cavaliers.

And for almost two months, they were the unstoppable force; winning their first 24 games—a league-best; enough to be called by CBS Sports “a storyline since November.” And just when we thought they will be mortalized after suffering their second loss in their 31st regular season contest against the Dallas Mavericks, we're wrong. Wait...almost wrong, because midway thru their assignment, they were 37-4. Since then, they would lose a game for like every 7 or 12 game winning streak.

But in April, it appeared fatigue has taken its tool on them. They lost their home game against the Boston Celtics, and another four days later against Minnesota Timberwolves in overtime. Thus, snapping a whopping 54-home game winning streak. And that OT thriller could have been their 70th victory. Talk about heartbreak!

And just this past Sunday night, at San Antonio, Texas, the Warriors have defeated the San Antonio Spurs in what has been a historic night. The 92-86 decision in favor of Golden State leveled themselves with the Bulls.

Legends Scottie Pippen, Ron Harper and former Bulls head coach Phil Jackson congratulated his former stalwart, now-Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, as well as Stephen Curry for the legendary run. All that despite Pippen and Harper's earlier statements; saying their team would have sweep them.

Spurs, on the other hand, just suffered their third straight defeat; and moreover, had their home record tarnished. Had they won, they could go for at least 68 wins this campaign.
Going back, GSW win is definitely a must. It was their last chance to reach Chicago of '96 and set a new record of statistical win: 73. Their last game is at Memphis Grizzlies, and this is their last chance to topple them.
But with a 100-99 decision at the FedEx forum proved they could shatter anyone's numerical dreams and wreck everyone's potential records. Can they deal them one, last, (and third) defeat, in fornt of the always-sold out ORACLE Arena? Imagine close to 20,000 making wavelenght of noises for this monumental contest.


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