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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Experiencing the MilesExperience (PlayBack: Miles Experience - Again & Against)

05/18/2016 10:48:41 PM

The long wait is over, and I think this one just came at the right timing. They already released three singles, had made two music videos – with one of them at least successful in penetrating the mainstream shores despite not being a chart-topper in the music countdown.

But their album launch proved this has more to offer. When they launched the record on April 30, it was a very high turnout for MilesExperience as all of the copies they had were sold out, thanks to the majority of around 800 people whom made it to B-Side at The Collective in Makati City. 

After hearing this for like thirty times (fuck yeah, seriously) in over two weeks, MilesExperience'debut album Again & Against was a resemblance of their typical; literally, a MilesExperience show itself! Each and every song was so delectable to hear, you don't need to rape the playback button. As in I highly suggest that you just let the tracks keep playing as it unfolds to your listening pleasure. 

Prelude musicals were sliced from the original tracks and were given titles; creating a transition that is easier to hear if you have iTunes with you (as long as it doesn't give a second of interval).

Each song exhibits a certain emotion with the flows and pace of each transitioning from time to time. And even if Mogwai, El Cuerpo Del Deseo, Buwelo, and The Homecoming weren't perfectly sound as mixed, it could still attributed as if you are listening to them LIVE. Literally, it was a MilesExperience show that never goes out of style.

That being said, Again & Against is a must-hear for every music supporter. One of the best albums in 2016!

Hey, in addition, the supplementary acetate provides superb viewing experience on reading images as accompaniment to their lyrics

The Verdict: 9.6

Author: slickmaster | (c) 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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