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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Pre-take: WWE Extreme Rules 2016

05/20/2016 05:25:34 PM
It's about time the World Wrestling Entertainment go extreme and it still never goes out of style since it's still the month of May anyway.

After switching dates and places with Payback, WWE will be staging the most ruthless and the most aggressive of them all, Extreme Rules; and it's all happening at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey this Sunday evening (Monday morning Manila time).

Eight cards will be part of this year's edition of Extreme Rules, with one of them happening at the pre-show: Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin.

This is an interesting feud that is unfortunately questionable on its possible turnout. Obviously, Ziggler is tyring to put this top guy—but this guy's a winner on PPVs. So if that will roll come Sunday, seeing Ziggler getting buried by Baron in the match might look like a sacrificial lamb on Taker's casket.


Seeing Luke and Gallows potentially demolishing The Usos will be a perfect plan for AJ Styles to throw Roman Reigns out of his reign soon.

And frankly, I think they will be getting the victory right here. There's no way you can humiliate the hottest duo with a loss on its PPV debut match.

Seems old versus new is in the tag team championship, eh? The New Day vs. The Vaudevillains; a team that has their own personal gimmicks diminished into a new one—thus, reigniting themselves to become three of the top stars in the E so far.
And I think they have done enough; out with the new—and in with the... old?! Yes, the Vaudevillains were an obvious product converging Aiden English—known as The Drama King—with somebody who compliments his in-ring talents. That is Simon Gotch. They were good in taking the vaudeville gimmick incorporated with what they can do in the game—old school wrestling.

And as far as what I said earlier, the Vaudevillains will take home the gold. Hey, we wish they could redesign the title, right?

Kalisto vs. Rusev for the United States Championship. While Rusev was getting back to his old sheer stronger self, I doubt they will make him win the title again.

Well, they should be. Kalisto as a US champ was not as hot. And frankly, the United States championship was nothing but a title (well, just the word) since John Cena won it against (ironically) Rusev at WrestleMania 31.

It's gonna be fatal four way match for the Intercontinental title. While Miz was hot as a heel champ, I think I'm gunning for Sami Zayn or Cesaro for this.

Well, Cesaro needs a title win—and so was Zayn either. But with his feud with Kevin Owens—plus incorporating the prize fighter image on the latter—this should better be interesting. Match of the year prospect, if you'll gonna ask me.

Charlotte vs. Natalya in a submission match for the WWE Women's Championship. Plus Ric Flair will be banned at ringside or else, his daughter will lose the title. While I liked how Charlotte's development as a heel, it's about time to let the good prevail.

However, I beg to disagree. The odds were clearly not in favor of Charlotte. So imagine a bad girl engaging in a catfight with the stock's stacked on you.

But please, give Natalya the belt! It's about time.

Dean Amborse charging Chris Jericho in a challenge known as the Asylum Match. This might sound a bit horrific – except from the fact that it was just a steel cage match with a discounting stipulation of escaping the cage – plus weapons were up for grabs – and I mean literally.

I think Chris will put Dean over more than what they have done at Payback. And I am seeing Amborse getting the victory. Unless if Y2J decides to retire for a while, maybe they will let his current run end with a win anyway.

Main event will be AJ Styles and Roman Reigns in an extreme rules for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Finally, we have seen an extreme rules match in the event where they should be in the first place. This should be another heck-of-a-main event considering these two have good chemistry in the ring. Their last showing at Payback proved them very well: while Reigns was slowly establishing himself why he is the guy, the loss doesn't make AJ less of a phenomenal either.

I'd like to see how will Luke and Gallows, and the Usos will play their roles well. Since this is an extreme rules, expect more interference from them. (Hey, I wonder how will they be doing after teir tornado tag team match?)

But this will end up Roman still hanging on his belt, holding up high. Unless the creatives will pull off an upset, there's no way AJ Styles can grab the title away. Heck, there's a possibility that the duo will turn back on him; thus, making him the sympathetic babyface of the present WWE run soon.

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