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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Flick Review: Captain America: Civil War

05/15/2016 12:06:22 PM

Huffington Post
Captain America: Civil War proved few things: superheroes will always be humans behind those powerful weapons. They have egos, and they will fight for that, too. They also failed and was supposed to be more responsible with their actions as swore on their private roles.

How could they correct the mishaps? How would they redeem themselves?

This served as the ultimatum of a rivalry between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, or simple call it Captain America vs. Iron Man. Not necessarily the culmination, but certainly this is where the ultimate showdown has been exhibited the most, especially with the faction-versus-faction clash at the airport. Battle brewed inside the alliance; tussle between the just and unjust, right thing to not; more of who's the powerful, but rather for every Avenger's welfare.

Though this may be another star-studded picture, I think they were exposed very well. No doubts of having ill-timed cameos here, from Ant Man to Black Panther to even Spiderman.

This has raised the bar anew, not just for Marvel movie adaptations, but to the entire comic-to-movie versions as well. The overall combination formula of chemistry of characters, incorporating storylines from the past ad connecting them with the up-and-coming, interjecting plot twists in between, were very well-executed.

The action scene was more shown with emphasis compared to the previous flicks; signifying a compelling stories of clashes and adjusting to the new trend of making action movies in general. It may be a bit dragging, it may be rigged but they looked more real than the technicalities used in shooting professional wrestling shows.

That being said, expect the other Marvel movies to topple one another soon.

The Verdict: 9

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