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Monday, May 02, 2016

Hitting the Proverbial Rope

05/02/2016 12:32:56 PM
This reality era (or we all popularly known in kayfabe as the Authority era) has unfortunately been hounded by injuries. And it's evident since the show has been running recently without John Cena, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, and even Luke Harper. 

And it happens the least you, your tag team partner, and your opponents know.

This past Sunday night at WWE Payback in Chicago, we saw one guy who just snapped his head off the turnbuckle; getting himself knocked out in the process. It was the first match of the evening, wherein the winner will determine the number one contender for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

As Simon Gotch sends Enzo Amore running, the latter was supposed to slide down to the bottom rope take a bump at the ropes. But it looks like he hadn't control the impact as he hit the second rope and BAM! He goes down canvas and on the floor.
Good grief. Freak accident. the match was stopped; prompting this tournament final to be placed on a later date (not immediately, please!), and sending the injured wrestler to a medical facility somewhere in Rosemont.

I don't even think anyone involved—including the watchers of Payback—would sit well on watching this. Reminds me of that freak accident that involved Rey Mysterio and Perry Agrayo in Mexico. The only difference is that ropes used in wrestling rings in Mexico are stiff-cuffed. And should a similar scenario happen, it will be another crucial blow to the E; just as similar to what happened to Owen Hart in 1999.

Report from CBS Sports said Amore suffered a concussion as per WWE's lead play-by-play man Michael Cole. All other tests in relation to the condition are negative.

That's good to hear. At least he could get back into the ring.
So, breaking the kayfabe, at least before these three leave the hospital.

Looks like Kevin Owens and Big Cass were asking Enzo, "How You Doin'?" right there.
So kids, wrestling may be scripted, but the moves are real. So please, for the 1387512th time, don't try this at home, because even your parents who may know nothing about this sport can't teach that (the art of taking a bump or fall).


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