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Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Scene Around: MilesExperience Again & Against Album Launch

05/14/2016 11:22:13 AM

It was a labor day weekend, considered a holiday for a lot of us in celebration of us, people of the working class in this country. Thus, the music has offered a variety of treats for us. There are some big-time events happening around the metro such as Wetfest, PULP Summer Slam, Satchmi Vinyl Day, even the rally for a presidential candidate featured a lot of musical icons from one generation to another.

And lest we forget, it was a night to remember for this up-and-coming band called MilesExperience. Barely nine months since their first headliner gig at Route 196 (for the Love Supreme music video launch), Miles Bondoc and company were back for a night – well not just an ordinary gig where they will launch either their single or music video, but rather, a special evening a la-concert as nearly 800 people occupied B-Side at The Collective for their “Again & Against” album launch.

It was a spectacle from start to finish, featuring the upstart BennyBunnyBand with their signature ukulele-driven kuneho rock and immeasurable energy by the vocalist himself Benny James Giron. Say, their getup looks rocking provocative as fuck. And so was their rare gem called "ForHidden Song #1!"

Next in line was the band Tanya Markova. They recently released their album in accordance to their sixth year of existence in the scene. Such an amazing ambiance to hear them singing tunes you once heard on radio such as "Disney" and "Linda Blair."

Autotelic was the third to perform, and with a new song inserted in their current set list, the band dived anew into their dancing-with-feel selves. Plus, I love to hear Kai Honasan doing more vocal chores this time around. If there's #MasMasayaPagMayTanyaMarkova, so are the hype of Telic. Once you spot them in gigs, it always turned into some sort of moshpit session, and B-Side was quite a fitting venue for such. Though too bad I can't jump high enough.

December Avenue is also part of the lineup as they keep the crowd going halfway through the evening.

Then came a bit of slow jamz as SUD entered the stage and pilot crowd with their set of sexy music.

So was the band called Jensen and The Flips, still fresh from their lagare night with Satchmi and Wetfest, as they rocked the night away right before MilesExperience hit the big podium.

Then came the band itself – Miles Bondoc, Tim Odulio, Ian Diaz, Justin Teano, and Guido Hizon – with a special performers of string instrumentalists to back them up, as well as Juni Sitaca from The Modern Playground, and Neala Medina, as they performed basically all the songs from their album Again & Against.

The gig may have ended at around 2:00 AM, but the aftermath felt like it was still early to get out of the venue. This seems clear: MilesExperience has taken over April 30, as their hashtag #AlbumRichards generated buzz enough to place #2 in the Philippine trends on Twitter. And with 800 people on a gig that doesn't look bigger compared to the bigwigs that happened throughout the day? Damn, OPM Philippine music is very much alive!

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