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Monday, May 30, 2016

Victory at First Glimpse

05/30/2016 12:04:40 PM

Wall Street Journal
People have witnessed the initial turnout of the general elections held at around 92,000 precincts in the country during Monday, 9 May 2016. At the first few hours, we have seen Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte emerged at the top of the partial and unofficial polls. Days have passed by, and we saw him pulling away from either runner-up Senator Grace Poe and eventually Secretary Mar Roxas. Thus, declaring landslide in the process.

During the stretch, Poe, Roxas, and later on, Vice President Jejomar Binay have conceded already. More than just raising the white flag, this signified victory in favor of the majority. And frankly, the result was even proven well when the National Board of Canvassers awarded the win after amasing more than 16 million votes, as opposed to both Roxas and Poe who garnered nine million each.

But what perhaps could be the reason why Rodrigo Duterte won the election? Is it because of the "million-people rally" in Manila? Is it because of the various designed shirts, stickers, and tarpaulins? Is even a single political advertisement became a big factor? Is it because of this news exposure regardless of good or bad turnout called "publicity?"

If you answered YES to the first and second questions, I guess that had already said them all. It's like he is the president made by the people, to the people, and for the people; the first one to become tagged since the ascension to presidency of the late Ramon Magsaysay 63 years ago.

It was people's call, as lot of us may say. A lot of us are clamoring for the word change (since time immemorial). A lot of people are already fed up with the system – both in government service and politics. They are sick and tired of the oligarchs dominating the game. It's about time the real democracy unleashes its power – and that is through the Filipino people itself regardless of stature, age, gender, and social-and-economical class.

Sure you can argue that for the past administration, the economy has risen again, but not everyone has the same sentiment; like one may asked "who cares about the rise of our economy if we haven't feel them in the first place?" Who cares if there are more businesses if crimes became more rampant, and either we act like victim or go against conformity and, on a more gritting point of view, put justice in our hands? If the latter wasn't even allowed in the first place, we're on a goddamn desperate state.

If you're asking if the political ads have played their part very well? I think so. But maybe since a lot of people are already convinced, these media has served like supplementary. It's like the recall element in advertising

If we think media exposure became a factor, that could be right either. Because whether he has a sound byte that made him either a winner or loser in the eyes of the critics, the fact is "good publicity is a publicity, and bad publicity is still a publicity." Either way, his name alone has grabbed our attention, be it a hater or a liker.

That being said, his popularity escalated from the time he officially became a substitute for his party's candidate; and the rest—as it seems—is history.

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