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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Challenging Through Photographs

05/31/2016 02:36:29 PM

It's the last day of May 2016. Finally, the month where people have been ranting on each other has come to an end; I mean the election period has quite come to a close. In 30 days, we will see a new administration sine 2010.

And for the past two weeks, music fans were treated into some big-time events; there was Close Up Forever Summer (despite having a very unfortunate mishap that cost five lives), SM Beatstroked at SM City Taytay, an Indiefest at SM City Marikina, and the Jack Daniel's Future Legends Indiefest where 38 bands were showcased, with all of them either being the notable figures at the independent music scene or an up-and-comer.

We also witnessed the defending NBA champions Golden State Warriors salvaging themselves from oblivion after winning the last three knockout games at the Western Conference Finals to face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals—and for the second straight time.

Aside from that, we have seen the WWE extremely exploding with the return of Seth Rollins. And just when we thought we are in the new era with sibling rivalry revolving around the authoritative figures, the McMahon siblings, AJ Styles battling Roman Reigns for the world heavyweight championship in two pay-per-view (PPV) events.

While the month of May (and the events told) will be part of the history books on few hours time, this is also the time where I decided to make a change in my social media postings; perhaps more than just drawing creatures for 100 days or doing that days of happiness (hey, we should be happy everyday, not for just a hundred!).

And that is by taking this challenge I call as the #100DaysPhotoChallenge; wherein for every single day from now (day 1) until September 7 (Day 100), I will be taking photographs (well better pictures, hopefully), and naming them the same way I did on all these 1,300+ blog posts. It doesn't matter if it's gig photography or street. It could be anything I personally want to convey—just except selfies since I'm trying to shy away from my narcissistic self.

That being said, here's the first one. 

Taken last Jack Daniel's Indiefest, perhaps the middle finger gesture was fit enough for Flying Ipis' popular single Past Is Past, a song that tackles moving on (and getting back) from a very bad breakup. And saying those words, with "bitch" serves right with that middle finger (or once known as Duterte finger).

The all-girl quartet was one of my favorites to hear in the independent music scene, with their punk rock sound delivering an angst-driven emotion accompanied by their defying lyrical work.

Expect me to do this more often at my Instagram and Facebook pages. Check them out!

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