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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Who's Who?: Mar Roxas

05/05/2016 02:01:24 PM
Mar Roxas, Facebook, CNN Philippines
Manuel Roxas III may have rang a bell for being "Mr. Palengke." He has been one of the premier legislators of the country for two of the past three administrations.
In fact, he was supposed to be the heir apparent of the Liberal Party to vie for contention for the the 15th President of the Philippines until Corazon Aquino's death prompted the political party to put their trust on then-Senator Benigno Aquino III; shelving the plan in the process.

As a member of the lower house, he authored republic acts which advocate economic aspects of the Philippines. When he was a senator, he proposed several agenda that involved anti-smuggling, free information, decriminalizing libel, setting standards for tax exemption, value added tax, and fair and equitable access to education act. He also spearheaded the agencies involving Trade and Industry, Energy, Transportation and Communications, and Interior and Local Government.

It is also Roxas who should have been credited for the birth and emergence of the Business Processing and Outsourcing (BPO) industry; one of the reasons why statistically speaking, the country's economy is rising. Also, he pushed for the Small and Medium Enterprises to usher in the country. His project initiated to provide a much needed 500,000 units of personal computers on several public schools.

But with a hefty resume comes an array of controversies. Apart from being against Human Security Act, his share of experiences as a department secretary under Aquino administration scrutinized his credibility as a wannabe state head. The failures on DOTC's handling of MRT-3 issues, as well as his actions towards Martin Romualdez during Yolanda's rehabilitation process became evident; allegations about necropolitics; having a bad public relation strategy; and conspiracy theories surrounding the oligarchs and political allies add insult to injury—all those despite being a standard bearer of the Liberal Party.

Another insult to injury were his actions towards SAF 44, the question on where the funds intended for Yolanda went, something that has gone spiraling on different directions after series of denials and counter-denials.

Also, the issuance of plates wherein Roxas was subjected to blame for saying "no plates will be issued before the president will step down." The Commission on Audit has backed Roxas' stance by barring the agency from implementing the distribution. All that despite LTO chief Roberto Cabrera has vowed to put licensing backlog to an end.

For the supporting Liberal party, he is the successor of the straight path (tuwid na daan). While others think of him as the "status quo" of the present Philippine politics.

The problem with reforms is that it takes a very long run to be properly executed. However, with the issues transpiring for one one way or another, people are sick and tired of this cynical rotation, and people clamoring for change is signifying a revolution.
While several people cited him as inferior to Binay, Roxas was also one of the most talked-about names among all the five candidates—and we're talking on both positive and negative aspects. All that despite having a bad PR which led him to be subject of bashing at times. 

Could the noise of the bright yellow bring him votes enough to succeed Aquino?

Author: slickmaster | (c) 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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