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Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Pre-take: WWE Money in the Bank 2016

06/14/2016 09:30:10 PM 

Photo credit: Wrestling News

One blockbuster event match, a WrestleMania marquee main event, and an instant money-drawer match. Perhaps, at the new era, it's about time the World Wrestling Entertainment has totally went all-in on investing for an evening known as Money in the Bank. 

Dolph Ziggler versus Baron Corbin on the pre-show... and again? I think their third cameo was made to draw the crowd attention on luring into the pre-show. The problem, though, is we have seen a lot of this shit enough, with Corbin emerging at the top every time. Isn't it enough that Dolph has raised Baron's stock enough with his “show-off”-ness? 

Apollo Crews versus Sheamus was the match we should see at the main event than on the pre-show. It's like comparing that to one of those matches between Bad News Barrett and Neville – veteran vs. newcomer, with that bully vs. bullied storyline. Whose brute gonne emerge? Of course, Crews! 

Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs. Natalya and Becky Lynch was something that shouldn't happen in the first place. I thought Stephanie disliked Flair's daughter as their women's champion? Might as well book someone else to screw her title reign, and definitely that's not Natalya since her singles feud with Bret Hart's niece already concluded. 

Maybe because the WWE are giving the divas, err, their women wrestlers a chance for a tag team match. But come on, there are lot of deserving divas out there instead of these four. 

This evening will Rusev's first title defense in a PPV as a second-time US titleholder, and it will go against Titus O'Neil. While I love to see that Bulgarian brute on his brutally-angry self, I'm quite wary about O'Neil. He should've given a chance to be a title contender even for the lower-card sections. After all, he proved himself very well in the E. All that despite being suspended for such a ridiculous violation. Besides, he's one of the top guys right there aside from John Cena and Roman Reigns. 

We could only wish either of these two will win it. Or perhaps, end it on a disqualification. Unless, they do a tribute to Muhammad Ali, I think Titus should be the W guy at the end. 

Perhaps, this is the first money-maker match in the evening: the fatal 4-way tag team match for the WWE championship. 

Well, I'm either seeing The Vaudevillains or The Club finally getting the tag golds from the New Day. Ironically, it was at MITB last year when the trio of Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston lost the titles to The Primetime Players. So, are we seeing the second wind? Perhaps, there's a chance. 

But Enzo and Big Cass taking home the tag team championships is definitely a darkhorse, considering they were doing great on the mic, but the in-ring work has yet to be unfold consdiering Amore just recovering from the concussion a few months ago. Well, their moves were less impactful compared to the other tag teams right there. 

John Cena versus AJ Styles. Clash of the top faces of the professional wrestling world. They were at the prime of their respective careers, with the former in the WWE and the latter around various factions that includes PWG, NJPW, Ring of Honor, IWGP, and even TNA. 

I doubt Cena will emerged victorious here. A win would draw his another “he-just-buried-another-talent-LOL” criticism, like what happened to the likes of Bray Wyatt and Rusev. Besides, Styles badly needed a PPV-win after WrestleMania against Chris Jericho and two title battles with Roman Reigns (Payback and Extreme Rules). Speaking of Jericho... 

There goes the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, where six competitors will be competing for an instant championship opportunity. 

While Jericho invented the MITB match, he has yet to win his own. Could that be his time? I mean, would he stand a chance to be a world title contender once again? 

Sami Zayn has been the WWE's underdog for the recent months, as similar to Daniel Bryan's YES era. But he has yet to establish himself as a threat since he lost the NXT championship to fellow contender/ex-best friend Kevin Owens. Perhaps their rivalry would still continue here, but I don't see him winning this at all. 

And in case that happened, I'm wondering on how Vince's writers will push him to become a legitimate one for that title. We hope it will not go Roman Reigns' (and 2014 Batista) way. 

Kevin Owens has been astonishing so far. With only 13 months upon entering the main roster, he has been impressive – both in-ring and with mic. Plus the fact he has held the Intercontinental championship for already twice. 

His performance so far earned him raves to become a prospect MITB winner. And I won't be surprised should the creatives book him as one this Sunday. 

Alberto del Rio as a potential two-time MITB briefcase holder? We wish. However, this might be another Sheamus rehash if the victory will be handed to him. 

Dean Ambrose should win it. That's if they want the main circle of “new era” to revolve around three guys who we once known as members of The SHIELD. After all, Ambrose has yet to become the World Heavyweight Champion, and has been on such title matches with Seth Rollins before. 

Cesaro will be the darkhorse anew, like how he won the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal at WrestleMania XXX. But should the scenario persists, I think he will have to be effective heel (or Roman to be more heelish as fuck). 

But we wish the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins will be the co-main event of the evening instead of being one. The problem with this is that Reigns was already been shoved as the babyface while Rollins, in his return, was a heel – and again. It shows how either the former wasn't effective on his role, or the bookers were screwing their jobs once again. Hey, I thought we are in the new era? What happened? 

I wish this will happen though: either Rollins or Reigns win the title, and then Ambrose will cash-in. That will save the WWE anew. Thus, a more solid turning back on Reigns as a “brother” was more imminent than whatever happened on RAW. 

But until then, I don't see Seth getting back on this one. Especially, they are already in the “new era”; the Stephanie he knew as the top Authority hench-women moved on (depsite having sibling rivalry with brother Shane), and Roman Reigns is clearly THE GUY. 

Expect a lot of gamble ahead in Las Vegas!

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