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Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Scene Around: Jack Daniel's Future Legends Indiefest

06/07/2016 09:26:52 AM 

We're all indies together. That is the most evident statement after 38 bands gathered for a night of music, and it's called the Jack Daniel's Future Legends Indiefest. Thirteen up-and-coming bands from the latest Jack Daniel's program for the music industry had shared the night with the bands from the previous program Jack Daniel's On Stage. 

The Indiefest has taken on three different stages at the Globe Circuit Events Center in Makati City. The Barrel stage features several alternative, folk, soul and pop musicians. The On The Rocks stage showcased the heavy and grudge rockers, while the Old No. 7 served the main platform of them all, with various notables from the independent scene taking over from 4 in the afternoon 'til 10 in the evening. In addition to the lineup were Imago and Big Boy Bites Back. 

Later that evening, the three top names in JD On Stage rocked the thousands of attendants in Circuit. Farewell Fair Weather, the Jack Daniel's Chosen One for 2015, kicked off the main offering with their fusion of sounds. 

All-female quartet Flying Ipis came after them, sending the audience into frenzy with their hard rock hits. 

Next were Autotelic and their electromagnetic sound that has got them recognition from both peers and fans. They evolved as they've gone a bit of mellow sound and more emotional lyrics. 

Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus rocked the evening right before the headline bands took over. 

The biggest band of the event has taken over by half past midnight, as Up Dharma Down sent almost everyone in front of the Old No. 7 stage for a set that lasted for more than an hour. Say, it was a nice way to kicked off Sunday, eh? 

Last, but not the least, is definitely the biggest gathering o them all. Basti Artadi of Wolfang, with several members from Razorback, joint forces once again as for the first time in 15 years, the band called Brain Salad performed live! 

It is no question at all; Jack Daniels moved up. Their stage was divided into three; the venue was larger; and more bands performed, meaning they had their exposure amidst limited time (15 minutes each, except for the headliners). 

If there are need to improve here, that will be more on the registration aspect. Some guests have not received the needed confirmation emails, so that speaks why the process itself was splitted into two. 

Also, if Circuit Makati will be the venue, try to set the distance between stages so that sounds from these platforms will not overlap from each other. 

But nonetheless, this proved the noise of the indie scene goes louder, and Jack Daniel's has done a good job in providing the much-needed avenue for these guys to emerged from nobody into somebody. Now, things are getting more interesting come the next indie music awards by next year!

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