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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Rundown Slam: WWE Extreme Rules 2016

06/07/2016 11:36:51 AM
It's about time the World Wrestling Entertainment has gone beyond control. Talk about revolutionary where the underdogs stepped its way to revelry. Where an emerging club dares to take down the bloodline of the top empire. Where a reckoned force gets its way back domination. This is when the WWE gets extreme, and it's literally called Extreme Rules. 

But did the WWE Extreme Rules 2016 paid extremely well as the second pay-per-view of the new era? 

The event kicked off with the Usos versus the Club – Jimmy and Jey Uso versus Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. And the latter has proved themselves very well, the first huge step in taking the tag team division on notice as they demolished the two-time tag team champions in a tornado tag team action. 

The victory has proved themselves very well in the WWE. No question about it; the victory has already foreseen. And the way they squashed the Samoan brothers had been very very evident even for a shorter span of storytelling time in-ring.

screengrab from YouTube

Verdict: 8 

I don't know how to feel about the United States Championship match between Kalisto and Rusev. We all know the latter's reign was nothing but a sucker, but the former disposing him will give an obvious result, and it was not the same as Ryback-Kalisto duels at WrestleMania and Payback. 

Rusev may have turned this scuffle into a one-sided squash; but heck, was similar to Brock Lesnar during SummerSlam '14, wherein he just threw John Cena 16 times like a rag doll! But the difference is the Bulgarian Brute had more brutal moves that the Beast Incarnate. He just swatted a mosquito into elsewhere. 

But... goddamnit, that accolade. Sure he re-modified the submission move. And maybe the creatives gave that one a blessing considering its reality risks. 

Damn it, just don't show me that sequence prior to this, please?!

Verdict: 6.7 

The New Day retained the tag team titles in what has been an unexpected turnout. Honestly, I was thinking The Vaudevillains will take that one home. 

But no, I was wrong. I don;t know if there's a disagreement between Triple H and Vinny Mac, consdiering the latter has been running more of behind-the-kayfabe than being a signed wrestler. 

Maybe, the Xavier Woods-Big E tandem worked out well this time around; considering for most of the time, it was usually E and Kofi Kingston who takes the title matches, and the only time they formed a E-Woods combo resulted into a title loss to The Primetime Players. 

That could be another factor in building the story of The New Day as the current titlists for the tag golds. The question is where do we go from here? 

Daily Wrestling News
Verdict: 7 

The Fatal-4-Way match for the Intercontinental Championship has been a hands-down pick for the match of the year candidate. And what's not the reason to do so? 

It was mind-blowing. Some moves were shown with unpredictability. And it's nice to see two feuds thrown into one mix. There may be clear division among who's the babyface and the heels, but that didn't stop them from chasing one after the other. 

While we are seeing the ending thrown into a bit of complicated mix, it's still a great plot twist shown. Damn! Indeed, an awesome match!

Daily DDT
Verdict: 9.7 

I had a bad feeling that the Asylum Match had a bad first impression. Very bad choreogaphy upon the moves between the two wrestlers. And it was even as predictable as the possible outcome of the main event, the Extreme Rules itself. 

While Ambrose vs. Jericho (specially Dean) was the real headliner of the show, I had a bad feeling the Asylum Match didn't went up to the extremities. Forget his counter-to-codebreaker into a powerbomb to the thumbtacks. That might have saved the match outcome, but never the less, it's still disappointing to see Asylum match was nothing spectacular. 

Apart from some hits, nothing wasn't really extreme right there! 

Screengrab from Dailymotion
Verdict: 6.5 

And I'm still sad that Natalya did not get the WWE Women's Championship. Perhaps due to Charlotte's character evolution while getting her numbers in length of reign. 

But apart from that, it was just another screwjob where anyone thought it was the banned Nature Boy. Turns out, the Charlotte story will be more despicable soon with Dana Brooke on her side. (And frankly, I was right when Charlotte blatantly turned his back on Ric.)

Verdict: 8.1 

The main event was just a no-holds barred version of what they had done at Payback. And it wasn't even totally extreme at all. They just went around the arena – in the kickoff panel set – and in the end, it was still Roman Reigns whom emerged victorious after disposing AJ Styles as the contender for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. 

Well, not totally extreme because saving from few spots (?!) where Reigns swung Styles from one side (the LED) to another (ringside barricade) before throwing to the announce table – but the way imploded looked like a slow-burst effect wherein he has been sent to the material before exploding nearly half-a-second later. 

And the way AJ Styles had went really extreme was when he snapped against the Usos. That's just it. At the end: he did not heed his club's advice to crumple the kingdom together.

Reigns retained the championship in what has been a just good match. 

But with a shocking shenanigan.

Say, that saved the chapter on Roman Reigns' current campaign ass the title-holder. We got a new one coming up by the name of Seth fucking Rollins! 

Verdict: 7 

Put Reigns' three-pointed slam,the IC title match, Rusev's accolade, and Deano slamming Y2J in the tack-ffilled ground, Extreme Rules, sad to say, wasn't the totally extremist thing we had seen in the WWE this year. At some point, it went inconsistent and failed to meet expectations for almost most of the time. 

But as the new era progresses, we could only hope the ongoing folklore will rise in time for SummerSlam. 

The Verdict: 7.3

 Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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