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Saturday, July 09, 2016

PlayBack: Tanya Markova - Mister Tililing

06/26/2016 12:53:01 AM

Perhaps the long wait was over, when this shock pop/goth rock band released their album for the first time since going mainstream six years ago.

Yes, after that self-titled debut in 2010 under MCA Music, Tanya Markova made a musical show of its own called Mister Tililing; and it was independently-produced and released. Yes, at the time when we should think of OPM going more livelier than those “dead” rants.

Mister Tililing, though, features more of their steady craft that is somewhat worth the wait. But more angst lyrical content and fillers, and a bit of experimentation trials from pop to acoustics to synth and even with more alternative mixture and a bit of grunge. Though it has conveyed more slow-to-medium paced tracks, the album can make you dance without even the aid of going the obvious pop-pish way, especially when you hear their single Hello, Hello, Hello.

And there are also the likes double-sided sitcom-sounded No Eating Below The Belt and commercial parody Nari Tuna serving a relief in between these emotional tracks.

That being said, Tanya Markova, just like their on-stage get-ups, has delivered another package to its cult of listeners. Total rack of craziness remained unchanged for some.

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