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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Teammates Win It All

07/04/2016 07:05:10 PM

Photo credits: AP
Perhaps of all the awards given at the National Basketball Association, this is something new yet a very important gem in the world of this sport. Well, why not? This proved how powerful the word “teamwork” is.

This past NBA Finals, the recipient was Memphis Grizzlies forward Vince Carter; and since its inception in 2013, notable key players were handed over the Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year award: Chauncey Billups, Shane Battier and Tim Duncan. These are the star players we all know from over the years, and this accolade proved how they play the role for their respectuve squads in over their respective NBA careers.

But what is the history behind this distinction? The award was named in homor of the teammates Jackk Twyman and Maurice Stokes. The two players were teammates in Rochester/Cincinnati Royals in 1958 until the latter suffered a head injury which led to his retirement, and eventual death 12 years later.

During the stretch, it was Twyman who helped him y all possible means. He raised funds to help Stokes in his medical issues. He also became his legal guardian and advocate until the latter's passing in 1970. It was during the times where Jack organized a basketball charity game for Maurice and other NBA players whom were in need.

Photo credit: New York Times

Their history was retold in a 1973 movie Maurie.

The NBA recognizes the league's ideal teammate whose selfless play not just reflects on the court, but also outside. For each year, there will be 12 nominated players (six from each conference) selected by the panel of legends. 

And just like any other individual awards, there will be corresponding points from first to fifth-place votes, with the player who accumulated the highest-point total emerging victorious; thus, earning the said trophy and a cash donation (by the NBA) to the choice of the recipient.

So that proves how a tagline “Basketball is Brotherhood” is effective in a larger scale. It's not just a simple there's no I in team, or even saying basketball is a 5-men game.

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