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Friday, July 08, 2016

Upcoming: Rubicon II

07/04/2016 04:08:15 PM

Talk about reunion. Seismo, in partnership with Continent Records had made its way to reunite three bands for a one-night only show, and it's called Rubicon II with a pun intended for your favorite chocolate bar. 

Legarda, Monochrome, and Tom's Story joined forces for the first time since 2013; and they still have their three-way split EP available for everyone who will join the party. 

Also hitting the stage for the evening were Beast Jesus, Neverdie, HL/DV and Sound Architects.

Rubicon II will be happening on Saturday, 15 July 2016, at Mow's bar in Kowloon House, Matalino Street, Diliman, Quezon City. Entrance is at Php150 and it comes with a free beer; and Php200 for an additional EP.

RSVP to their official event page on Facebook!

Event poster made by Bren Pasamba
Disclaimer: This event is NOT sponsored by Whammos. The people are neither affiliated with the featured food brand. LOL!

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