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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Rundown Slam: The Final Deletion

07/13/2016 01:37:51 PM

I rarely watch TNA since other wrestling promotions wasn't really getting airtime on Philippine television (with WWE obviously dominating in a somewhat monopoly-like outlook). But despite being under-the-rader to a typical wrestling fan, Dixie Carter's firm were more familiar to the smarks, and it shows why for one reason: being a home to some of the greatest stars we have seen in both WWE and WCW.

And unless you live in America or countries where TNA is available on your cable operators, TNA has been home to some WWE stars whom left Vince McMahon's promotion over the past few years. Two of them is what the Attitude Era knew as The Hardy Boyz.

The Hardy Boyz (Jeff and Matt) is just one of those helluva great duos during their time with the E. And perhaps, even more during their ongoing tenure at TNA. For once I have seen these two getting the shit out of each other at WrestleMania (though of course, via those old video rips uploaded at Dailymotion).

And just a few weeks ago, I saw a promo clip regarding to this storyline known as The Final Deletion. However, this is something I'd rather leave to the people like my boy The Fanboy SEO when it comes to explaining things up.

Maybe a lot of out-of-the-squared-circle gimmicks were made in the history of this business. But... “the Final Deletion” seemed way beyond what ECW, Buried Alive, and Extreme Rules, with the Broken Matt Hardy telling the story for most of the time. But literally, as far as the set-up is concern, yes it is. Who on earth would see Jeff/Brother Nero unleashing the swanton bomb from the tree? Who would think these brothers go wrestle at the side of the pond, sinking themselves under the water for quite few seconds?

Of course, there's always the distraction and more weapons along the way. And mind you, that includes the pyro sticks.

They say it's the match of the year candidate? Perhaps. Oh, rather, definitely; considering we have seen matches in the WWE somewhat like shits (well, half of 'em).

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