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Thursday, July 14, 2016

PlayBack: Banna Harbera - Persistence (EP)

06/26/2016 02:00:40 PM

Give these kids a break if after two years, they just released three tracks in their new EP. After all, Banna Harbera has shown persistence in making music their way.

And I know, comparing them to their previous work Something New may be really unfair. But there were a lot of new things in their present craft. Like they shifted their track arrangement from slow to fast (though overall, they steadily remained as medium-paced).

But Think I Know is not a melo-dramatic finish. It is rather done more funkier than what I expect from an alternative band like Banna Harbera. And their title track is my hands-down favorite as it reminded me of a mixture of their previous songs Something New and Aside; just the more upbeat version.

Though at one end, Persistence EP showed more of their emotional (and a bit more of) jazzy side with their melodramatic Sorrys & Goodbyes. Thus, considered a complete package for the up-comers.

With all the persistent efforts of this band, expect them to make more crafty tunes – and maybe more of indie with emphasis of sophistication soon. 

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