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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Classic Catfight

08/02/2016 02:13:01 PM

I might be a week late. But I have seen this for thrice, and this should better be part of the best matches of the year. Why Not because I said so, but we haven't seen the best catfight for months. Perhaps the last time was during their stint at NXT (as much as I wanna count the ladder match at NXT TakeOver: Respect, I personally haven't seen it yet).

But setting the development brand aside, this is one of the reasons why the episode of Monday Night RAW last week was dope as fuck. New stage set-up, improved Michael Cole in commentary, Finn Balor's emergence, and this match. 

The storytelling was there with both competitors giving it all. Charlotte was on her villainous self despite losing her protege to ejection, the match, and eventually the women's championship belt. And don't take the credit away from her, the moonsault from the top rope was a goddamn art of beauty. Heck, more beautiful than what she did at WrestleMania.

Banks, on the other hand and despite having the badass boss persona, showed the tricks of being the ultimate underdog; giving tribute to the late great Eddie Guerrero at one point that sent Dana Brooke to the locker room by the referee. Heck, she even took a nasty fall that made me cringe for a second. (Man, it's never a joke to take a heads-up fall into the floor!).

Nonetheless, Her win proved one thing: we are in the new era, and the WWE is now taking their female wrestlers more seriously. Vince once said Charlotte has done enough for her title reign; fact! Other divas were given a chance (thanks to that circulating hashtag last year); fact! And there are now more championship material ladies in women's wrestling; always a fact!

Talk about not just women empowerment, but gender equality in doing the sports in more entertaining level that is professional wrestling!

But if you think we had seen enough, wait 'til SummerSlam. Definitely, this story hadn't reached its full potential for conclusion yet.

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