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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

The Rundown Slam: WWE Battleground 2016

08/01/16 11:24:38 PM

Before we know it, the WWE already unveiled their new era as SummerSlam approach. And that being said, the last PPV to be staged in the then-typical way was WWE Battleground. Still, no WWE stories came to an end without a bang on it; and by means, we have seen factions getting split (thanks to the WWE Draft happened five days before), and rivalries conclusion – and that includes the brotherhood's championship chase.

It was a night where The Wyatt Family and The Club were torn apart, where a destined to “fight forever” between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn should come into a halt, and where the former members of The SHIELD battled each other for who's the greatest member with that WWE Championship worn on his shoulder. It was also a night of decision on which McMahon will emerged at the top of the game.

And moreover, which brand will control the most prestigious title in the world of sports entertainment? Will it be RAW or SmackDown?

These questions were answered at the unveiling of the WWE Batlleground happened eight days ago at the Verizon Center in Washington DC.

While I expected Breezango to pull off an upset here, let's move on to the main program where a lot may have less expected Bayley to enter the main roster scene after being NOT DRAFTED by the WWE on SmackDown Live. But hey, that's one of the numerous surprises this PPV did offer.

And Sasha Banks winning the match alongside Bayley proved the downfall of Charlotte's reign big time.

The Wyatt Family winning over The New Day proved one thing: They will wreak havoc in the WWE despite going separate ways, much I contrast to the way they were booked in the previous months. And while The New Day already surpassed other previous reigns for the WWE Tag Team Championship, expect them to be replaced in their throne any upcoming RAW episode soon (or perhaps, at SummerSlam). 

While this may be no SHIELD break-up of 2014, this looked like a similar formula. Talk about destruction. Well, and the last sequences appeared Xavier Woods being struck in his weak spot. Whatever happened to his power of positivity?

Rusev and Zack Ryder may have been a bit of bathroom break match, with the latter gunning more offense than before. It's just sad Mr. WOO WOO hadn't got what he wanted, but perhaps he won't be a jobber anymore as Mojo Rawley came along to his rescue. It will be saddening if SmackDown writers screw his character again.

Sami Zayn versus Kevin Owens. These two will never get tired of fighting each other and putting up a show. Hey, if there will be co-main event of the Battleground, it should be this! This is where two fighters perfectly fit into the namesake. There's no question about it: match of the year candidate, rivalry of the year candidate, even wrestlers of the year, This certainly proved this is their time, even if they came a bit ahead of the so-called “new era.”

Natalya getting a victory over Becky Lynch proved one thing: the heel turn worked very well for her, and frankly, she hadn't done it the typical villainous way. She badly needed that since she's on a losing streak in the last few specials this year.

Sorry for RAW for denying a title shot after the Intercontinental Championship match between The Miz and Darren Young went flat and flak to a double disqualification match. While Marysse proved she can be really an annoying heel sidekick, Darren Young is poised to go totally grudge against anyone who stands in his way. Good. This is one of the babysteps into making him great again.

John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Club was almost a good segment, only if the latter did a bit of the talking too. Maybe because it was left in their promotional video. And frankly, some moves proved the former's chemistry in question. All that despite being happy seeing the duo of Colin Cassidy tossing Amore (and even AJ Styles) in a move they called the Rocket Launcher.

The RKO in the Highlight Reel was sadly expected. But how Randy Orton shoots on Brock Lesnar in relation to his case is something I haven't seen coming. (I mean, his delivery.) It will be interesting if Brock Lesnar crashed the house during that Sunday. That could send Chris Jericho into a tour of RKO Ville and Suplex City. 

But graet return to say the least for Randy.

The WWE Championship title was great, with three members of The SHILED taking their best acts to the squared circle (and anyone who says Roman Sucks – not-kayfabe wise – must be a bunch of idiots). He sucks, all right; but there's no question about his ring rust. Good thing he has picked up where he left for. The only questionable thing is still the inorganic push hes been getting (so spare the big dog from this since it's not all his fault).

And the fact that Dean Ambrose wins it once again proved this is a new era; and RAW (though flagship program) is not the dominating power anymore. It is SmackDown. It's interesting to see how things will fly from here.

The Verdict: 8

Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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